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  1. As someone pointed out when I posted a picture of myself Scary; I've been compared to a lot of people before, but that's a new one Have you ever seen someone similar to someone famous? I've seen a Stan Lee dead ringer at my local McDonalds a few times Someone saw Gordon Freeman on a ferry in Alaska
  2. Always nice to see new life breathed into an old game Black Mesa did an amazing job on the original (And promises to be even better once it's fully released) Definitely going to give it a look once it's released
  3. I'd like to see him get bitten by a Poison Headcraband then spend the rest of Ravenholm thinking he's carrying Headcrab babies inside him or something *sees a Poison Zombie* "OH GOD, I'M GOING TO END UP LIKE THAT?! NOOOOOOO"
  4. Thanks for the memories, Ross Time to watch 'em all again!
  5. Ross Scott's voice in DOTA2? sure, why not I don't even play it
  6. Thank you Ross I pray Freeman's Mind comes back to pre-memory loss in Questionable Ethics he's going to need it
  7. I want the download...my collection is incomplete!
  8. Hazard Course only ^_^; I zoom through the game because I hate holding down shift to walk slowly x.x
  9. I'd make a "Freeman's Mind" dub or variation, but a) I don't have a mic b) I'm a chick c) Ross would do it better or maybe I'll make a SILENT version...
  10. awesome...better let Ross know about that, if he ever wants to have Gordon complete his "training" "Yeah yeah, I did all this before...eesh..Ooh GUNS!"
  11. I'm actually surprised he didn't run into the barnacle tongue when he goes for the glock he somehow knew to not touch them...strange
  12. Questionable Ethics and Surface Tension are the most played Levels for me...I rarely even go to Xen anymore... I hope he gets his memory back before then, or he's REALLY screwed
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