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  1. I could vote, but I won't, because I want to give more detailed feedback than a poll allows for. To get it out of the way: This first episode of Moon Gaming was nowhere near the level of the Game Dungeons. That's not to say it was all bad, however. There were plenty of funny moments in all 3 parts, and when it got to the end of the game I was pretty much blown away because Tom had Fucking. Called. It. I liked the speculations about the parallels between the game and Grimm's fairy tales, the analysis of how the levels were constructed... But there was just too much dead time. Compared to the GD there was a LOT of time where nothing happened. Some small talk, Cyril running back and forth, but nothing interesting. In your Game Dungeon we get a well-thought-out comment with pretty much everything, everything is relevant. A "Let's Play" is just a really huge departure from that. As was suggested earlier, a MST3k-format might work better. I wouldn't want to vote either yes or no, because while I think this was weaker than what you've presented us with so far, I also think it has potential. Maybe do 2 to 4 Moon Gaming episodes a year but don't make it your main focus, see if it works out, if it does that's great, and if not... well, then it was not to be.
  2. I created an account because I think I figured it out. "Ham and swiss on RYE!" is a sandwich. Ham, swiss cheese, rye bread.
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