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  1. I was looking through the credits, and I couldn't find where that pixel art version of Deus Ex came from. Does anyone know, or am I missing something really obvious?
  2. I was unaware that Reitz had developed this game. I didn't really like Unicorn Jelly and Heliotrope, far too convoluted. But I do respect how they kept everything consistent, while my head was melting, I could tell there was a consistent logic out there, it was just going over my head. But in regards to their bullying, it's a horrible case of being unable to tell who is speaking the truth, who's the nut, who's overreacted, like consultantgate. But I DO NOT think they deserved that level of harassment. I also probably stuck my foot in my mouth, big time, so feel free to tell me how wrong I am, I will listen. On a brighter note, I feel your collaboration with Tom was much better this time.
  3. Well, I don't know if this'll get seen, as you've posted another video, but anyway, long time lurker, first post. You're probably sick of hearing this or have already made up your mind, but I feel this set of videos was the weakest of your content. However, I don't think its the scum of the earth. The thing about a lets play is that it hovers in that awkward space between Civil Protection and your Game Dungeons and then to make things worse, it's overshadowed by Freeman's mind, which has spoiled us. I don't think this is the worst you could do, you have interesting things to say being you, but this isn't the best you could've done. Personally, I don't really like highlight reels, but I can't think of an alternative. Like others have suggested, maybe do some more analysis before picking a game for this sort of show, and make sure it's the best fit. Cyril Cyberpunk felt dull as a game already, which didn't help. I voted no, but if this is the only way to let us know you're alive and give you some more time for other projects, then I'm not against the very idea of it, just the execution. I feel bad shooting down your idea when you first tried it out, but maybe it can eat the bullet and use it as fuel to rocket into the skies. Yeah...that metaphor doesn't really work.
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