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  1. And that is the start of Ross's era. Jokes aside, get the veteran players to teach the new players when they got some free time. The idea is that people can follow simple orders: directions,hold, more medics...etc. Simple commands that can make a difference. Them you need people on the other teams to give info. This info could be sent to some sort of team speak program, to the vets that will send the noobs tho shower bullets over this points. That i say because, imagine for a moment here...imagine if this planet side session, if they had a war cry about not killing games. If you guys (not just Ross, but all the players that know how to play) can get something amazing to be done, well, maybe this could help the message. I'm just saying...
  2. Ross is now aiming to be the encyclopedic example of narcissism! I knew this day would come. The insanity is finally dictating his actions... But there's only one last thing for me to say here: "Do you dream?" It's terribly disturbing to see Ross scratch delicate information like this. Creates that feeling of "i know that you know that i know that you know, but i ain't gonna do it..or do i?" I just really hope That you can keep your sh*t together about this kind of thing Ross...we both know that no good can come from turning information like this public
  3. The camera was changing the focus by itself, that almost made you scrap the episode, an episode about synthetic consciousness. Ross, you're one optimistic guy, that's for sure.
  4. Or maybe you're thinking about giving him the "John Lennon fan treatment"...who knows....
  5. I could quote both answers for my dumb question, but there's no need for it, since i have nothing meaningful to add. Instead i'm going to focus on something that i have something helpful to say about: About Sunless Sea Ross. Play Fallen London first: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/ Sunless Sea is a game for people who played Fallen London...the game expects that. When Playing Sunless Sea,the game says that you'll die a lot, that's not necessary. I've been playing for quite some time now and there's one thing i would recommend against the game mechanics : You can save. Just don't save it too much. The game start with the save feature turned off, and that's brutal for a newcomer. I don't like how the game tries to shame people for wanting to save, but i understand that saving can be a bad habit in this game. Be cautious, avoid fights, venture the world slowly. Sail only close to the shore at the beginning. the beginning part goes on until you have a bigger ship and a better motor. the beginning has some grinding to be done, but it's about trade routes, so it makes sense. Personally i think the game is better played in "episodes". Finish part of a story line or reach some distant destination and then stop. The suspense it's interesting. It was the way i reached so far into the game. It's not the best game around,but i think it deserves a chance.
  6. About the idea of being illegal to "kill" games in Europe and other places: "We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Use, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our Service following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms." I bet that all those games have this little paragraph attached to their terms of service. As i understand, almost every software and service uses this little piece of magic and rainbows to get away with anything they might want to get away with. Wound't this be a problem? What if the terms of service are changed after the game was killed? Maybe i'm just writing nonsense here.I'm no lawyer and i don't care about laws enough to know, but a fool can always hope that his actions have some meaning.
  7. Oh no,you're not, this is hideous and you should be very ashamed. Giving proof that you're trying to help and maybe giving encouragement to people that wasn't sure this would be real. I'm pretty sure this was the worst thing i've ever seen, having the courage to be the first to prove you've send something...terrible, just terrible.
  8. Different paper sizes, envelopes, different colours of paper and different text would help the message get across?
  9. Hope i'm not part of the problem....well the problem here, not the "how can we tackle the letters idea" problem, this one i want to be part of. Anyway,i agree that people should share ideas for letters and all. Would be great to have letters in different languages too, it's unexpected and it gives a more global feeling to it...
  10. The idea of sending letters it's about this, most things you do on the internet, they mean nothing. An email it's just a click away of being nothing, you don't even need to put some pants to send it. That's the thing about letters, it shows that it mattered enough for someone to put some pants and walk to a post office, nowadays this is more than you need to buy a fridge or a sword or (and here's the funny part) the games that we're trying to save. So sending some letters is harder than buying games. I mentioned flowers, but anything else that can get more attention like pizzas, food baskets, giant teddy bears etc etc... (already payed) things that you can't miss no matter how hard you tried. Things that are inoffensive but will rise the chances that the message will reach the right people... i don't think i need to say this, but IED does not qualifies as inoffensive And remember kids, Ross started this, so any crazy things one of us pull off could go on his shoulders and the poor man has no chances against 20 bloodthirsty EA lawyers So the game dungeon could be from a real dungeon and about good games like "don't drop the soap" or "find the shiv". hope something that i said can be of any use. And a personal one to Ross: The Punisher was a terrible choice, he's not about justice he's about punishment. The guy's not trying to help the living, just avenging the dead.I would choose someone with a little more hope in there, like spiderman or Captain boomerang. just a thought.
  11. One letter a day, everyday a different person (finish the list, start from the beginning) , do it for 3 months. If everyone do it like this, i think there's bigger chances to cause something. 100 letters today and no letters tomorrow, it's just one day: "Hey pete, remember that day you got a bunch of letters?" or "Hey pete, does the letters are still coming?" . Which one sounds better?
  12. 1st page- a rational and ok debate. 2nd page- well people don't need to agree on everything... 3rd page- Oh, there it is the internet i know So, why instead of being the same old pile of people with too much opinions here,we try to stick to the plan eh? Send the letters, think about other things we could do. Talking about other things, someone who is close to EA could send some flowers, memorial wreaths, with the names of the games that died. You can ignore emails, you can try to ignore letters, but flowers? Those you just can't. For me, i don't think it's evil sending flowers (just don't send to anyone who's allergic) And it's a pretty good way to be noticeable. But who am i? just someone who's here trying to give an idea and help with a cause...i'm nobody in the end.
  13. My mother said something similar when i asked her if i could have a dog.Now you need to make Ross promise that he's going to take care and clean up after Tom. Not trying to pick a fight over the internet here,so don't worry,there's no need for a strong answer. But the thing is,Ross likes this Tom guy, he likes him enough to try for a second time to make a collaboration with him after the moon bomb (i personally liked moon gaming, but that's just an opinion) I could just ask Ross why,but i think it's more interesting to guess, and my guess is that Ross likes the polarity that Tom brings to the show. A different person will bring different opinions, and if Ross invited this chubby funster Tom guy, he had a reason to do it. I personally like the way Tom deals with Ross, he's aware that Ross's sanity is long gone, and you need to choose your words carefully or things could get out of control. Anyway,fun times nonetheless. Hope to see more collaborations,Ross always looks so alone in his videos...
  14. "You'll never know unless you try ,what winning's all about" Worst case scenario everyone hates you and you stop doing it.You're not doing it now. Best case scenario people like you and you have added something very interesting to your hobby. The're will be trolls, spam and things to learn.But you have two options: you can see this things as problems or see it as challenges to overcome. You have the advantages here: a bunch of people here will watch it and will support you, Ross is there for you if you need any help or any tips,you're bilingual (as i understand), so you can reach more people, even teach people more about you're country and things like that. I think you have nothing to lose doing it. It's a good exercise on self control having a public figure to maintain, you can do your own schedule and make things the way you want. But that's just one more opinion on the internet, i just hope it helps.
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