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  1. That is odd, I just tried playing it on Dos-Box and it feels fine. Maybe it is because the CPU cycles are too low (if you are playing it in Dos-Box) or certain animations (like the duck and roll) need to finish before you can move again?
  2. I was hoping to grab some action pacted screenshots from Shattered Steel but alas I could not get enough enemies to come close enough for me to get anything interesting with the game's short draw distance so I will have to settle for somethings more modern. What's up?! You certainly should not be! X-Ray vision and Hover-Hand, ENGAGE! Who's going to clean up this mess!!!
  3. Now that this game is approaching its 20th birthday early next year I feel that it is time for it to be brought back out of the shadows and patched. This South Korean game from 1996 has a level design flaw where a platform you are supposed to jump to on level 11 is simply too damn high to get to. This makes the game effectively unwinnable and that depresses the hell out of me. I genuinely hope that this game gets featured on game dungeon so someone with the knowhow could come in and patch this game to a winnable state. My 8 year old self would be giddy if this were the case. Gameplay can be seen here: KpkkTIYQCXg With some more info here: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/korea/part2/company-family.htm The basic gist is you are an Alien with Pyrokinetic powers who must infiltrate an alien force's stronghold to input a code to shut off their mind controlling satellites surrounding your planet in order to free your people. Your health bar and ammo are pooled from the same resource with a fiery doublejump consuming none while doing respectable damage to your varied foes. The more your healthbar fills up the more powerful your ranged attacks become but taking any damage drains you by about a fifth which is the same increment where by you are granted a stronger attack. Visually it is a lower-res Donkey Kong Crountry and the gameplay is haphazardly spastic but it is perfectly playable once you work your way through its quirks and the soundtrack is honestly not bad. What does the community think?
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