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  1. Hey there! This seems to be the Game Dungeon suggestion thread, is that right? I'd like to recommend "Elemental Gimmick Gear". It's a 2D Zelda-esque Steampunk Mech game. The premise is that archeologists cracked into an ancient ruin called "Fogna", and inside, found an Egg-shaped Mech... with a living, sleeping person inside. Over the next 100 years, scientists reverse-engineer the technology of the machine, using it for utility, warfare, exploration, everything, but "The Sleeper" sleeps on. Exactly one hundred years later, Treasure Hunters enter the ruin themselves, delving into the deepest levels, and in doing so, activate Fogna. It kills them, and massive bio-technological tendrils erupt from the ruin, destroying a good part of the nearby countryside, cutting it off from the majority of the world and generally making things terrible for everyone involved. A few weeks later, "The Sleeper" (You) awakes, re-enters the original EGG, and steps out into the world to find out what's going on, who he is, why this is all happening, and eventually saving the world. It's very cool from a design standpoint. Every single background in the game is hand-drawn, and very beautiful, which means it still looks good today. When you get into boss battles, the perspective changes from 2D into a 3D battle arena, where you fight the boss, with all unlocked abilities and tools fully translated over (Though this part does not look nearly as nice.) Sounds awesome, right? Like a game that should at the least be remembered as a cult classic, if nothing else? The problem is... It came out on the Dreamcast. Which was expensive, did not have as many games in the states as it did overseas, and eventually failed completely upon release of local cheaper systems, such as the Playstation. However! It has been ported to run on Windows, and can still be found online ( http://www.emuparadise.me/Sega_Dreamcast_ISOs/Elemental_Gimmick_Gear_(J)/99415 ) though that site is the only place I was able to find it. This, in particular, is why I felt like I needed to submit it here. It's an old game, it's a good game, and the fact that it's here and only here it can be downloaded scares the hell out of me. I can personally speak for the website. Thank you in advance. I don't mind if you have a hundred games lined up before this one, but I'd appreciate knowing you'll at least take a look at it. As a parting gift, Thie ( ) is the music for general walking around the world, called, "Fogedge".
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