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  1. "This is not going to be a thorough review" ... 39:38 minutes ... lol Glad you are taking some time off by the way. That release schedule of the last few videos was insane, not that I am complaining though. I am just a little afraid for your mental health and stuff, as more then a weekly release schedule is rare for a reason for videos as well produced as yours. Love the Dungeon videos and the Halloween episode is a real highlight again. Stayed up for it to go up (its 6:16 am at my place) and am delighted!
  2. Its 90 Minutes of 2 Guys getting the fun sucked out of them. Created an Account to say this. Constructive Criticism / Suggestions: -Check the Game first: Boring Games are the lamest for Lets Plays, its either exceptional or so bad its good. Sure its not a "first look" with "first impressions" but No-one says it should be. -Choose an interesting Game that you know a few things to say about: In case you have a list of Games for your reviews, maybe take a game from that list and either combine the "Lets Play" with "getting footage for the review" or maybe do "Lets Plays" on Games you like. Dont take a game you wouldnt take for a review, as you dont have enough to say about it for a review... its the same Problem in a Lets Play. -You looked tired: Try to create these videos with more sleep or Caffeine or something. The Energy you emit will be reflected by your Partner and feed the audience. In you Reviews and Freemans Mind you have an aggressive alertness to your voice that I feel was missing on the Moon. Then again, maybe its a gravity thing. -Get a few lights or something for your Partner: One can clearly see the effort you put into your Videofeed of your face, even if it seems minimal to you. Your Partner should put a similar amount of effort into it. -Your partner seemed boring/bored: It may be because of the game, the lack of overall energy or the missing effort in his Videostream, but he didnt make a good impression. Not everyone is made for interesting Lets Plays, but maybe fixing the other stuff helps. Love everything else you do, so I am sure you will figure the right way to do this stuff out. Looking forward to the next Review/pre-written Stuff.
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