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  1. Ok, this is only Ross video that I dropped in like 5 minutes. I can't say the game was horrible, no, it might have insufficient material, but I think Ross could've made it another Nyet III (which was a good episode). I think the biggest issue is your guest. I can't say anything about the man, as I'm not acquainted with him, but in my humble opinion - he is not Video material. Ross has charisma and good writing skills, thus he is enjoyable on the screen, whereas Tom seemed bland, uninterested, and boring. I think this video should be "re-cut". As hard and cruel as it might sound, we need to replace Tom with Ross, but in a slightly different outfit. Like he's hinting that he's either mad, or there are more than one character in the Moon Pod. Think of Gollum from LOTR, or Sam Rockwell's character from The Moon (2009). I'd definitely want to watch another Moon Gaming episode. Ross, it is clear that you put a lot of effort in your videos, and the response to this video might be underwhelming, but I encourage you to keep going. Maybe you should check some obscure European or even Russian games for inspiration. I remember that Polish GROM was a decent game, and Russian Silent Storm was incredible in it's time. Or, you can try some recent games from Ukraine, like Cryostasis - which will JUST BLOW YOU F*CKING MIND WITH IT'S PLOT! Or I hope so, as I haven't checked the translation, but the original Russian version was awesome.
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