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  1. Looks like Ross is going to discontinue it but I figured I'd throw in my thoughts: I think Ross has set the bar so high with his previous videos that this just felt lackluster. I am always entertained by Ross's content because it's genuinely interesting and funny; Game Dungeon provides unique historical information, and occasionally hilarious off-the-wall theories about dead band members involved in time-traveling murder plots. In other words I feel like we're treated to interesting games (whether they're good or bad) that are made even more interesting by Ross's research into them. All of this is tied together by his dry and deceptively silly personality. In this video there was no interesting historical information or craziness going on- it was just two guys playing a very boring video game. I was half-expecting the video to go off the rails as a way to trick the audience; I figured maybe Ross would be attacked by an alien in his moon base and we'd see something strange and unique. (Plinkett anyone?) Still, I like it when new things are attempted! I hope he doesn't let this dissuade him from trying new stuff.
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