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  1. thumbs up! as always stellar video also semi excited for a bonus video? EDIT: also forgot to mention a lot of this reminds me of path of exile...
  2. just cause 2 was a silly game, and smash was cool but the funniest things ive ever found is people using the limited message system in dark souls. this one was gold when i found it. also this is for fancy competition, but to be honest i just wanted to contribute to the funny photos for once hahaha!
  3. man its sad to see something you worked so hard on, not go the way you planned. but it doesnt call for an axe and to discontinue it. seems like the biggest issue is the guest which yes he was bland, unfunny and, frankly ive never heard of the guy but i can hardly blame that on you. for me the big issue i personally had was the style itself. your usually reviewing the game and you do a damned good job at it. i understand the need to grow to develop a lets play style of talking which im all for! just next time do it alone and not a three part series. something that can be done quickly. like papers please, a really quick game and great for you to understand talking while playing!
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