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  1. Hey Ross! I'm a long time follower and first time poster, but I suppose you need as much feedback as possible for this project... or maybe you've seen enough feedback and want this whole thing to disappear. Regardless, here's mine! One thing you do pretty well for the Game Dungeon is introduce the games, an aspect which was unfortunately absent from this game. If you and Tom had taken a minute or two to script some kind of history of the game rather than going into it blind, it would have given the audience some investment into the project you both were getting into. Also, was I the only one who found it a tad awkward that you decided to switch off playing a single player game? It can work, but if you must have a guest star, not only will you have more fun playing, but it will be more fun to watch. Game choice is important, as many have said. So if you find yourself with a game that doesn't even interest you from the intro, it may not interest your audience much.
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