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  1. I, like others signed up solely to express my opinion on this new project. Longtime watcher, and aware of the behind the scenes work you do, I fully understand why a Let's Play endeavor is good move for you. However, indeed, execution was tough to watch, and played to few of your strengths. What is the main draw? Weird games? Weird background premise? Self aware awkwardness with painfully internal pauses? A strict focus on the game in a video genre based on personalities? Two people with nothing else to talk about? A focus on obscure games? Relentless questions? I digress. Ultimately, many Let's Play's have retention through high energy to coast over bland parts of the game with parallel, off topic commentary in a conversation with the viewer (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, RIP Tobuscus). Typically, these benefit more from facecams, and work well for individuals with single track rambling personalities. The common alternative, for multiple people, is relying on the conversation between relaxed friends and little on the game, to maximize the opportunity for emergent humor. (Eyeless Girls, Mark Zuckerburg etc - GG). I'm not implying you need to co-opt their formulas. But you have to respect their synergy with the style of their commentary and the number and type of personalities involved. Not to mention the types of games played, and the focus on providing entertainment to the viewers first and foremost. Comedy, energy and positivity are common goals, and the structure and focus of successful series build towards them. However, I think even with the above advice, you might still feel your tone, content, improvisation, or what have you may not be suitable for this. To that, I recommend ProtonJon playing Yoshi's Island of a thoroughbred nerd still managing to welcome a crowd while playing a relaxed game in a relaxed way. Which is why I think you should try again. Mix up the formula, define the focus, welcome the audience into playing the game with you instead of literally watching you play it, and I think you have the stuff to do this, even as a low energy/ completely unedited series. A good recommendation, start a livestream. This will quickly put you in touch with the community you're trying to reach.
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