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  1. I donated a few days ago, not because of this video (which I hadn't seen, and I'm not sure existed at the time), but because you always seem to try so hard to produce great content, and almost never ask for anything in return. I can't think of many other producers I've gotten so much enjoyment from without compensation. This didn't used to feel like a big deal to me, but I'm finally at a point in my life where I have money to spend on things I want to, and what I want to buy (among many other things) is more Ross's Game Dungeon. Now whether my money goes toward that, or food, or rent, is irrelevant. And whether you make more Game Dungeon, while it would be awesome, is also irrelevant. The fact is I feel like I owe you this money for the good you've given me already. And while you specifically say that is not the case in this video, it definitely is. Ross, you're a hero of mine. Keep living the dream.
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