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  1. Well you could just said so. Would have saved me a couple of posts. Still it's awesome that you presented your case with solid arguments. That, more then anything else, I respect. It's been fun discussing with you Ross and I'm really looking forward for the next Game Dungeon and (eventually) The Movie. P.S: I could offer my help, but I don't have any experience in the artistic department (animation, 3d modeling, sound editing, illustrating (or texturing)) or game engine bug fixing (i know C,C++ and Java, but not at an expert level and I mostly work with microprocessor programming so I think you get the picture). Still, holla at me if you don't mind an extra eager (if not experienced) hands or a coffee machine that automatically makes a coffee every two hours or something.
  2. Awesome, the man of the house himself ! So here are my thoughts : 1) I don't think that you don't have a plan. I assume that you don't have a detailed managers plan on paper. When you are working alone or with a team of 4-5 people it seems unnecessary. But when your team reaches 20 or more people you have to have a managers plan. It keeps the project engine running even if you have to focus on other things. That's when deadlines start to make sense. And that is why i asked for it. (Extra thought: I asked for percentages because from my experience they are the scapegoat of management world. Anyone with simple math skills can count them and they always sound cool.) 2)(This is for everyone coming out of the woodwork saying things like "Ross is not a development firm")Sit down. Grab your milk. And let your daddy holla at ya. I wouldn't be here if i didn't think that Ross would benefit from a volunteer development team. And I wouldn't be here if I didn't think it is possible to create such a team. Any creator who's audience can chuck 10k over a few days must have some very dedicated fans. And among those fans there has to be some that actually want to be a part of production. Conclusion: I myself came out of the woodwork to present a few ideas that may help. The reasons why i didn't send this as an email to Ross was : a) I wanted to start a discussion, it would show all positive and negative aspects of my ideas ; b) I wanted to see how many people would actually be interested (aka. collect numbers); I got too eager and didn't present my ideas in a best way but that doesn't mean they themselves are bad. So I'm still waiting for thoughts (preferably arguments). ---------Argument section------- Ross actually gave an argument: Well this is a simple management issue: Ok. WHO WANTS TO BE ROSS ADMINISTRATOR DEPUTY / SECRETARY ? There. Solved. (I would offer myself for the job, but I think I already gave a bad first impression). I know that this solution gives more questions (how much of actual source material should I reveal, should I employ him / her, make him/her sign a none disclosure agreement and pay him/her, how much should I pay, how much can I trust him/her. And The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL : how much time this will take.) but a person with experience will probably answer them very quickly and / or propose a few solutions. In the end here is the math : if you spend, lets say 12 hours, evaluating all applicants, picking one, getting him / her up to speed and assigning him/her work and in the end they give you 24 hours of freedom then this is the way to go.
  3. The way Father presented his idea was as well as jumping down a throat too. You greet someone than you just go straightforward to: "Show me all your bills I want to know your detailed expenses." That's not Ross responding, only SBritton and me. Anyone with a common sense would not ask for public display of Ross's personal finances. It was like a credit card salesman approaching you randomly in the street. Not cool. I would write more on this but I may come out rude, since it pisses me off. Alright. First of all - I'm sorry. I guess my eagerness to help got me in a "credit card salesman" groove and me trying to be as straight forward as possible came across very rude, weird and way out of line. Again - I'm sorry. I hope you will not hold it against me. Second. I still think a volunteer development team with a clear plan to follow would be a benefit. So I would still love to hear any thoughts about this idea.
  4. Well good morning to you too. Ok let me clear this up. "All i need is your credit card number, your social security number and a copy of your passport or drivers license, then make a down payment of 250 $ and you will be swimming in cash in no time". THAT is not what i want. I'm just interested in how expensive is to live in Poland and I'm not asking for specifics. I don't need or ask for proof. Here is mine for example : Electronics engineering student from Lithuania (that is a country next to Poland, google map it) Living expenses: Rent : 150 Euros (but since I'm sharing it's 75 ) Food: 30 Eur a week so lets say 30*4= 120 Euros Utilities: 12 (internet) + 68 (water + heat) + 22 (electricity) = 102 Euros (again I'm sharing so its cut in half 51) Total: around 246 Euros Now how much personal information was that ? An awesome guy like Ross should get all the help he can get. And maybe one of us know something that can help. About The PLAN for THE MOVIE. That is a great way to present your project and to get people to help you. A great example for all of you bronies (mlp fans) is Double Rainboom (damm the site is down). Basically it was a single director using volunteers as his development team. The episode was about 30 minutes long and with this strategy it was done in around a year (i think, it might be longer, I can't remember right now). I think same can be applied here. I would love to help out anyway i can. And i think I'm not the only one. So basically I'm trying to help by giving ideas. Well I'd like to hear what Ross thinks about this and how many of you would dedicate your time and effort for his movie.
  5. Hey Ross, first of all congratulations on a successful fundraiser ! Since I'm not in a great financial situation myself ( university student, part time job, just enough to keep the wolfs at bay ) I decided to maybe try and help in a different way. So hold on to your seats cuz this is a doozie. I'd like you to do a full financial report on your monthly expenses. That includes food, rent and utilities costs, transportation (if any), internet and any related services (examples are phone or TV) costs. No need to be specific, take averages. Next what is your legal status in Poland ? What taxes do you pay and what social security or health coverage you have ? I ask this for two reasons : 1) I'm interested how expensive is to live in Poland ? 2) To determine how many people need to donate monthly (1 person / 1 $ )for you to have a sustainable living. I think it is always better to have a clear view of one's financial situation. Now onto the second part. -----------------------THE MOVIE !-------------------------- Here I'm going to ask you for a plan. I can assume that currently you are making your movie as a one man super machine. You are the writer, the director, the voice actor, the animator, the modeler, the research department, the secretary, the cab drive-- oh wait, you don't have a car. So again I assume that your project is in all stages and in none. That is where the plan comes in. So please provide a report of how much work has been completed and a plan for what do you still need. Report can be short, for example "Animation - 2%"(that just imagining them in your mind) or "Writing - 80 %" (most of a script is complete it's not just scribbles on the wall). The PLAN should be detailed. Again example: " I need 3d models for a medieval setting specifically castle room decorations. The models must be in a format that unreal engine can read or in a format that can be easily converted to a readable one." I ask for the plan again for two reasons: 1) I would like to see a clear timetable (The movie in 2017 for example) and Ross's organizational skills. 2) The plan gives people the opportunity to help even if they can't donate (people like me!) Well that is it. It's late, I'm tired and I'm hitting the sack. Goodnight.
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