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  1. i would probably tell them to fuck off but, I'm usually a very insistent, "in your face" kinda guy, I would probably just straight up refuse to do it and move on and just do more important work and i refuse to just do more work for nothing, I'm not working extra to make things look worse, piss off, I just don't like this whole "slave till you drop dead" corporate mentality, if something bothers me I don't like to wait around like most people, I try to take a stance and if I can I do try to solve the problem at hand, but if you guys really want this so badly, then you can do it yourselves, or pay me better, how about that work is tiring enough, i don't need more bullshit busy work, in my mind at least When you say "extra work" don't imagine that color filters take a lot of time to add. It's added in seconds. Plus you can't really take that "I won't do it" stance if you'd like to have a good standing in the company. Furthermore if you won't do it, they will get someone who will and really you haven't earned anything but a "difficult to work with" assessment. In the end the best thing you can do is to lessen the harm and maybe (I think) climb up the ladder so you can one day make the big decisions.
  2. I work for a large game company(mobile) , as a 3D artist, and if all the other game companies work in similar ways.. believe me, there are artists in the development teams wanting to make things look natural, with true to life colors and little or no color filters. The issue is that people who make the environments don't have the last word on the subject. If there is some higher level producer or lead who wants a color filter, there's not much we can do to oppose that. You might try to hold your ground, try to change their mind but in the end if they feel it looks "cooler" or more "dramatic" or "cinematic" with a color filter then.. that is it. The best win you can get sometimes is to lessen the intensity of some filters - it can be WAY worse, and if no one would try to oppose it during development, the games would be way more monochromatic..
  3. Because I'm not sure where that option is Ross, to enable the archive on Twitch you click that wrench looking icon next to your name in the left menu of the website and then go to Channel & Videos tab. There you'll find the "Automatically archive my broadcasts" checkbox. Although this is not a permanent thing, the broadcasts will still be available for 14 or 60 day depending on your type of membership.
  4. I just registered to say this: While i do agree that the youtubers who play popular games, sometimes have a bigger audience, i really do hope Ross will stay true to his style. I suppose that sometimes it might be tempting to pick up a popular game but that wouldn't really work for him. The way I see Ross is almost like a blast from the past and i'm not necessarily talking about the old games he plays. It's the way he talks and acts kinda makes me think about the '90 atmosphere, movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme, weird cassette mix tapes, the illusion that computer hackers would have graphics with bombs and pirates and 3D trippy stuff while doing their thing. I think part of his appeal is that you feel like he's that one weird friend that finds a gorish scene from an obscure movie or game to be funny. You know what i'm talking about ? I think that's why his style works for his audience (at least for me anyway) and shouldn't change it.
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