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  1. My take here would be to look at the things that the most recent iPad OS did. I never had an apple product in my life and judging from everything, its at best not for me, including the most recent iPad pro, but it added mouse support and embraced one UI truth in particular: gesture navigation and imprecise controls. Quick look at the mouse controls in it (timestamped, LTT): https://youtu.be/reb7O8LNZrM?t=261 And they did manage to get some actual video editing work done on it: https://youtu.be/lKqUggbSlHw Obviously, especially for someone like me or Ross, iPad pro is an awful VERY expensive solution and it would have possibly the worst software compatibility with windows 7 except for maybe a chrome book, but at least those are cheap. I do think that some elements of the design could be applied to windows based workflow. I particularly like the gesture navigation at different corners of the screen with smooth animation though it could be problematic with dual monitor setups. On an unrelated note display fusion (https://www.displayfusion.com) is designed for multi monitor setups, but its so stupidly feature rich that you might find use for it even with a single screen. I owned the single-purchase pro version for years but I believe it has shareware aswell.
  2. Screenshot contest: Ok so I am cheating by using The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, but my god, this is probably the most beautiful game yet. Imgur link for all 3 pictures: http://imgur.com/a/TMm2Y Edit: sorry for very big images, I hid them under spoiler.
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