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  1. For me it was kinda similar. I finished 2 first and after that I went for 1, but only years after already in the PS3 era. For me 2 will always be something special with its story telling and its time travel. I loved the gritty Jak and it was interesting traveling back with the young Jak after the end of 2 and learning his character from the beginning. Back in "the present" I went for the third one and though it had gone for a more positive feel to the character Jak there was still this violent and believable world. It's a great ending and I really like how they finished the main series. Though I would love to see a world and characters like in the Jak & Daxter series again somehow.
  2. Strange, can't find through the search. But I looked through most of your tips and the video. Now I feel a lot more competent. Just experimenting in the VR room helps a lot.
  3. One of my first gaming experiences which didn't hold up to the nostalgia came within a demo. Because I couldn't afford a memory card when I bought a console bundle of the PS2 with Jak 2, half of the time while I didn't repeat the first three missions of Jak 2 again and again (which I still love to this date) I played the demo of Ratchet & Clank. The demo disc came with a few others but unlocking double jump, smashing robots with my wrench was pretty satisfying. I even ignored my sisters birthday party once just because I had to finish one of the optional races. But when I borrowed the full game 10 years later from a friend I was kinda disappointed. While the Jak & Daxter series had this simple gameplay which unfolded into a rich story with cool characters and a kinda dark world, nothing in Ratchet & Clank was up to my memories. Stupid weapons, ever more ammo that didn't refill quick enough so that some levels where a pain in the ass when running out of a specific kind of ammo. Dull characters without any impacting story parts. Somewhere at the last third I just dropped it and that was it. I was even a bit interested in Knack for letting me remember some of my childhood memories, but that ended well like many other launch window games. I'm kind hoping for another Jak & Daxter game but with an uninteresting game series like Uncharted I'm not really sure the developers from then would even remember how they made such great and simple jump'n'run games.
  4. After some time downloading the game I've gone into the basics and liked a lot of it. Being part of a greater war and all, not being too dependent on taking part in every single fight adds a bunch of freedom. Just watching the sky and the panorama is somehow really enjoyable in this game apart. Only played Dust 514 a long while ago, although a similair concept I like this much more. Now to my question as someone just flying through the topic and being a bit lazy: Did Ross mention anything about which server he's going for or what faction is considered? I wouldn't like to waste my small time on a character I'm not gonna use. Also, any good tips for a new player? What happens if all continents are taken? Just having two playable continets or maps is kinda weird to me. Whats with these taken continets? Do they get unlocked at some point or will there be freshly generated once another gets claimed? And is there a global score how many continents have been taken by each faction?
  5. How is ninja filming obesity very big chocolate pizza pie inside skeleton porn.
  6. Thanks, Lord Sinister. You're a great mate.
  7. Some of us already do... Yeah, I think we can agree you've got it worst from all of us. It must be hard being stuck with this one.
  8. Just curious, is it not possible to change the avatar by any means or is it something only a few users are encountering?
  9. Actually I didn't want to participate in this contest, but because I made a screenshot just now I had to see through my other ones. Nothing outstanding, just something that's some sort of memory to me. The most amusing. I really like his response to my idea of a human shelter. And because I'm at it.
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