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  1. Loneliness is killing me. My friends are ditching me, everyone else is having fun with their girlfriends/boyfriends, and I am stuck by myself feeling dead inside. Just today, I saw a picture of a fellow high school student from my school with six girls. He has a harem! What I am learning is that being chubby, boring, nerdy, or just plain unlikable automatically makes everyone hate you. By the time that I lose weight or become interesting, nobody will not want to be my friend anyways. All the relationships are established and I am stuck in the outside as a dead husk.
  2. I was able to watch the twitch stream. It was my first time on twitch and I thought you did a good job. The video was streaming, but it was it was very laggy. However, when just listening to the audio on radiotwitch, it was fine. Thanks for the good stream!
  3. Cats. Everything else is ambiguous to me.
  4. Today, I realized that I may be single forever. I overheard someone in my school say they got friend-zoned for the third time this year. This made me think, "Damn, I never even got to be in a single friend-zone situation once in my entire life." I realized later that this person was in the Ultimate Frisbee team and was good looking. I honestly think I will become a wizard when I get older. However, my compensation for being fat and ugly is a full ride scholarship to the university I will be attending soon, so there is that to look forward to I guess. In the end, I guess I just need to deal with the slight jealousy I have for others being confident.
  5. Sunny with a lot of pollen. I got a sore throat because of it.
  6. Absolutely clear. Not a single cloud in the sky. The air is cold and the sun is hot. I kind of feel like a pancake. I have to spin myself 180 degrees to warm up the back side of my body.
  7. All of the snow melted finally. Apparently, the snow made everyone's lawns a deep green (except for one yellow lawn).
  8. I had a weird dream where Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck were tied to a tree, and then a fire randomly lit itself and burned the two. The weird part was there was a guy in a suit filming all of this, either for a movie or for YouTube.
  9. Currently, the snow is starting to melt. The mixture of the wet ground and the warmer temperature is making the ground look like it's covered in a blanket of clouds. It's kind of surreal.
  10. Pumpkin porridge. It's not too bad if you add lots of pepper.
  11. Feeling okay. Not too sad, not too happy. I kind of feel like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle near the beginning of the film.
  12. Today is still cold and snowy. However, the local weather wizard predicts that the weather should warm up soon. I can now look forward to slush.
  13. @Jeb_CC: Thanks, I might follow up sometime. I am glad there are people out there who are willing to listen. @Heliocentrical: Thanks for the good read. It looks very interesting and I am excited to look into it.
  14. For me, I would have to go with Eternam, Strife, Test Drive, Dungeon Siege, Revenant, and Helios.
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