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  1. I actually found a functional download to the linux version on an archive website. So what I need to find next is the Windows version https://web.archive.org/web/20070323074147/http://insectwar.free.fr/linux/download/magnant.dev_2.00-english.run The game apparently had multiplayer matchmaking provided by the developer. However in 2007, one year after official release the servers shutdown, along with the main website featuring the download links.
  2. I found both versions of this game so while it is still obscenely obscure at least it is playable now. I will be working on removing the DRM since it is no longer possible to purchase Magnant either from its own developers website(permanently down) or GameHouse(no longer carries the game). Fortunately all the DRM does is limit play to 60 minutes, so the version is complete otherwise. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7lysuL1W-PtcG9KMkVrS01Zblk Proof that it is impossible to register the game or purchase a key in any way: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/207339614397005824/294993172294270986/yeah_i_need_to_be_connected_to_the_internet_riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.png
  3. I noticed how everyone(probably) is focusing on the effects of this practice on the consumer, but it seems no one has realized another party is also harmed greatly by shutting down and effectively erasing games. I think that video games are art just like movies, books, paintings, and many other means of artistic expression, and just like art video games must also have artists. Since EA is the publisher they own the copyright, even if they did none of the work. EA can do whatever they want saying "Well I own the copyright these are my decisions", so imagine being a developer of Darkspore and everything you worked on whether for money or, just to make a game that could be enjoyed by people present and future, is no longer available to anyone, potentially for 85 years. Imagine if ALL the games you've ever worked on had been shutdown or removed from sale by the publisher. You would have absolutely no legacy for anyone to look back on, so things like "this guy made my favorite game" or "I'm so glad I was able to find this old game its not perfect but I love it" wouldn't happen anymore. This isn't at all like movies or books, or paintings where the very idea of self-censorship is not only an affront to capitalism but also considered the worst evil imaginable. Destroying your own works because you do not like them is one thing, destroying someone else's work is something else. This practice is bad for everyone; businesses, consumers, and developers everyone loses.
  4. I think the reason why Dungeon Siege 1(and 2) runs like garbage is not because the hardware is old or new, or good or bad. Its due to Dungeon Siege 1(and 2) not being very well optimized, I actually did a little experiment for a mod I was making. Anyway I forced the game to load the entire first region in Kingdom of Ehb, which is about from the farmhouse to the entrance of the forest. Here is some pics of multiple areas fully loaded: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7lysuL1W-PtenBzTEZNdnI4dVU 20 fps zoomed all the way out on this system: GTX 980 i5 4690k 3.6 ghz Windows 10 When I zoomed all the way in I get 80 fps, meaning the GPU is the bottleneck despite being one of the top 10 GPUs money can buy. Ironically that also means that the Dungeon Siege engine would make a better rts engine because of how fast and optimized it is for running ais and scripts. Now that would fun, an RTSARPG where you outfit your small army, and massacre other small armies. If your curious about the development of this game here is a link to Scott Bilas's blog: http://scottbilas.com/games/dungeon-siege/
  5. I found a mod that lets you have npc party members in multiplayer, it uses summoning spells that summon 5 unique characters with their own starting equipment. Unlike a regular summoning spell,you can control the characters like in singleplayer meaning inventories, equipment, skills etc. Probably the most intriguing part is that is no limit to how many you can summon, its apparently possible to control more than 8 but since the amount exceeds the formations it doesn't work right. Also the ui doesn't display the extra characters beyond 8 but they do have inventories and can equip weapons, pick items level up etc, but the ui won't display their inventories. There are a few interface bugs (clicking on a portrait won't work except the main character) but overall I didn't see anything game breaking. Additionally multiplayer only counts actual players for the formulas, so enemies are really weak for how many characters you have. http://ds.gemsite.org//web/index.php/mods/GET/detail-146 That website has a lot more mods on it besides that one mod like the famous Mageworld. edit: only the original 6 save their inventories and stats
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