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  1. http://imgur.com/a/QuIRP i want to buy a used 27inch display to see how it is working and gaming on such a big monitor. i have the choise between a used lg ips277l with sime pixel issues (see url link) or a aoc e2795vh which should have no problems. my question is: is the problem with the ips monitor fixable ? or is it not that bad and i wont notice it in everyday usage ? both would cost be about 80 euros. thanks
  2. Hey Ross, is there a way to download this Episode ? I have no Internet at home since I moved and i would need some game Dungeon as a bed time Story !! Also missed the last Video Chat, is there a Podcast to download ? I only have Internet for the next 30mins so answer quick !!!
  3. i hope you are planing a screening tour through europe when the movie is finished !!!!!!!!!!
  4. hey ross, thanks for the finances advice in the last video chat ! thought a lot about it and i will get rid of my car next month. do you own some old consoles ? like the NES or something ? also, did you play mule ? someone made a updated version called planet mule, maybe some material for a game dungeon ? have a nice day man.
  5. hey ross, i am struggling with my finances right now. can u give me some advice on how to manage finances a bit more efficiently (i.e. how to spend less on food,i don't like beans that much), it would be really helpful
  6. oh my fucking god this was the hardest registration for a forum in my life ! it was easier to get a american visa while having a afghanistan visa in my passport (true story) ! well here are my 2 screenshots,played with emulators because my consoles have missing parts/are broken surreal and funny, just like ross likes it
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