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  1. Ross! You gotta add AccursedFarmsJunk and DeadGameNews to your Channels on Youtube, so people can easily refer to them. Same for adding AccursedFarms and AccursedFarmsJunk to DeadGameNews, and AccursedFarms and DeadGameNews to AccursedFarmsJunk Channels list. Just a little convenience thing, and it looks more legit or what have you. Unless you're not doing this little thing for some reason? Anyway, keep it up man. Can't believe there's already so much dead game news.
  2. 8ch's /v/ was specifically working on a wiki for game recommendations. This hasn't been getting as much support as it should, but it is the only thing I know of that is like what you were describing. Something like this for what you're asking is probably the best way to go. There's a mod for TF2 called Team Fortress 2 Classic that, kind of obviously, makes it much more like Team Fortress Classic. I think it's great, and it's pretty simple to install. http://tf2classic.com/ I wouldn't be too excited about finding time for The Witness. I've heard it's just repetitive maze puzzles, but also has inconsistent mechanics which become frustrating. Fortunately Steam has it's refund system now.
  3. Just sent Ross an e-mail mentioning these games, but hey I can't possibly leave everyone else out of it and I might be totally off-base. Yall heard of "Kyn" or "Aarklash Legacy"? Both of them seem to have a lot in common with the first Dungeon Siege. Particularly Kyn gives you full gear customization with control of six dudes, and Aarklash has got four dudes all in real time. With some pause or slow-down options, but yeah.
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