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  1. Dominions stuff. Too damm hard to extract this music, as well as to find authors. Maybe because part of is classical music, medieval stuff. Creeper World 3 Mortars.... Baby Joan of Arc, liked this game. In Your Name is best one. Don't ask... It reminds me of Tropico 2 soundtrack. Bad clone of Diablo, but it had decent soundtrack. From game Besieger. Can give link for download. These have singing so... But they are obscure so maybe someone will like them. Will Rock. Reminds me of serious Sam. Really weird game. One of it's game mods has strange economy model... Based on cows and their milk.
  2. Will find more, I like sci fi or overgrown abandoned stuff as well, deviant art loves it too.
  3. Star Trek Online Age Of Wonders Favorites: Battle Macabre, Title, Clouds and Feuds, Heartwood Forest. But there is plenty. Tachyon: The Fringe all tracks in the channel, could not find them elsewhere. Game features voice of Bruce Campbell. Risen I Freelancer, too bad it's very short featured in game Osmos all of this. Will have to check my CD's for obscure games, maybe something there.
  4. Posting from YouTube comment I made like a dummy. In one mmo, don't remember which one it was, some Korean game, maybe MU online. Made one friend who got so overly attached it was getting creepy, then I got a rare sword and for some reason he asked to borrow, I said no, he got emotional, offered his all other items, he told he would kill himself, did not believe him, mind you I was around 10 at the time. Told him to piss off. Next time I meet him, he was with other friend, both were passive aggressive. Also got blowjob via emote manipulation by some female elf. Also remember interrupting clan meeting in some remote area, but don't remember what they have said. One time, playing Planetside 2, between 4 continents in the game two get locked up when one faction wins, but I noticed that you can warp in to one continent that was locked. Some thing fucked up. Well me being me and I joined that continent. It was for the most part empty, almost all map, except corner bases, belonged to faction that has won before so I just got car and drown round, capturing bases and enjoying scenery. But soon few other people joined in. I teamed up with one and we spend our time hunting the other guy, in the center of the map, large ass base.
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