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  1. Alright, I am not sure how well known this game is, but nobody I talk to know it; the game is Gods Will Be Watching. Best soundtrack I can think of that is not well know. Here is a link to a bandcamp collection of all the tracks: OG game music- https://fingerspit.bandcamp.com/album/gods-will-be-watching-original-soundtrack the free DLC music- https://fingerspit.bandcamp.com/album/gods-will-be-watching-final-chapter-ost Highlights include: Self Justified Sacrifices- is an excellent introduction, and can fit with anything cyberpunk Everdusk Rescue- A shorty but a goody. Everdusk Headquarters Xenolifer theme Gods will be watching Legend Suicide Mission to Save the World The Face of Genocide Nemesis That is some of the note able stuff without taking too much space in the thread, most of the stuff-if not all is amazing, as well as the game.
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