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  1. The Grinch for PS1 based on the Jim Carry movie. The soundtrack is maybe the best thing about this game. The actual game is kind of ruined by bad controls, but it has some good aspects in my opinion. Like the level design is frustrating to navigate but somewhat interesting to explore otherwise. Some of the puzzles are ok, but the platforming can ruin it. I haven't played this game since I was like 9 so I may be wrong. Definitely give this soundtrack a chance, even though a few of the songs have the same underlying melody at parts, they're in completely different genres. This might not be everyone's thing. I would listen to this soundtrack without looking at screenshots of the game. Don't even pay attention to the names of the individual songs, just pay attention to the music itself and picture whatever comes to mind. This music is very atmospheric, and it feels like the composer was more interested in doing his own thing than making music that fit the game. Just a suggestion though. Oh and happy late birthday.
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