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  1. Hm. That's a tough one. I hope I might be able to help. I'm an amateur JAVA programmer, but I do have some experience with graphics coding slightly (I'm programming my own game, I have to know some stuff). I don't know if it's possible or practical to make a JAVA graphics wrap-around. But I can give it my best when I have the time. If you want me to try, then just toss me a link to an old game that would be a good test-subject. If JAVA is not a good choice, well I do plan on taking up C++ when I can. But that would be a long ways away.
  2. Good Soundtracks? I'm game. Deemo: a casual game based around music. Many different tracks and styles. Listen: http://deemo.wikia.com/wiki/Songs_by_Collection (there's a page for each song, with a youtube link for each too) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qdzxn3menwuk5he/AAAL2v6303lMlAf1ma54tJjga?dl=0 (not complete, not all of it's available) Cave Story: a small indie game that had a bit of attention for a while. Largely chiptune-y with a variety of tones. The remastered is better in my opinion. (the following links are ordered by the original soundtrack then the remastered) Listen: , https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD57659BEA5C0015BDownload: http://www.cavestory.org/download/music.php , http://www.mediafire.com/download/fu3fiww0x872d7r/Cave+Story+3D+OST.7z Mother 1-3: a classic old RPG series I'm sure you're familiar with. (the following links are given in order by game) Listen: , , Download: http://starmen.net/mother1/music/ , http://starmen.net/mother2/music/ , http://starmen.net/mother3/music/ QBQBQB: a cute puzzle game. Few tracks but they feel very well made. Listen and Download: http://rezoner.bandcamp.com/album/qbqbqb The World Ends With You: a fast-paced combat game on the DS. A heavy emphasis on musical score. Listen: Download: itunes does have it, but you can google if you prefer to avoid apple's DRM. Steins; Gate: a visual novel game about time travel. The soundtrack's mainly accompaniment, except for some great moments of drama (Gate of Steiner's a personal favorite) Listen: Download: itunes again.
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