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  1. Me again. I just now saw that you also mentioned movies as soundtracks you want to collect. Well, I've got a damn good soundtrack here, but it's from a movie that spawned from the TV show "Metalocalypse". I'm going to warn you right now, if you absolutely cannot stand growl-y vocals (even in parody form), or just metal/death metal in general, completely ignore this post. The show had a great soundtrack, which was then released in the form of 3 different albums. DethAlbum: DethAlbum II: DethAlbum III: After 4 Seasons, Brendon Small (the writer of the show AND the composer of this fucking amazing music) asked Adult Swim to be able to wrap up the show with a movie, and that's where The Doomstar Requiem comes in. The entire movie is a musical. "Ew, a musical with growly lyrics?" Trust me, it's not. Here's a link to the playlist of all of the songs in the movie: All of this music, uncluding Doomstar, can be bought on either iTunes, Brendon's website, or just torrent it from KickassTorrents. It's all there. Also, if you haven't yet, you should probably go watch Metalocalypse. It's actually a pretty good show, despite the soundtrack.
  2. I want to start off this post by apologizing in advance for not providing a download link. I'm as frustrated as you are. I wish I could share this music I like with other people easily but there is no legit download link to the full soundtrack that I find anywhere. I'm sorry. I know this is going to sound really fucking stupid, and maybe I just have a nice heavy-duty pair of nostalgia goggles on, but I mean it when I say Runescape actually does have a good soundtrack, and I'm not JUST talking about 2013 Runescape and on, I'm talking 2007-2010 where they did a file format switch for a ton of the tracks in the game to make it sound a little less stiff. Here's a couple examples (And this game has over 300 tracks, there's TONS of examples): (It's sad that I can't find a better quality version of this one. It's among my favorite.) (All-time favorite) If those are extremely shitty, here are a few remastered versions of the songs from 2013 onwards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLLvD-sFNfk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMuXaLB2xAY Here's the one bad part about Runescape's soundtrack though: THERE'S SO FUCKING WAY YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT. FROM ANYWHERE. I looked for hours. Seriously. The only thing I found was a download the soundtrack from when it was in 2006 (before the slight remastering of a lot of the tracks).this was a while ago. While it was totally legit, it was still in the .mid format and it doesn't have a lot of the newer songs of content that was added post 2006, so it's incomplete in a lot of ways for me. It's still good, don't get me wrong, and really enjoyable to listen to, but it's not as good as the reworked pieces. It's close enough if I have to be honest. And I just looked it up again, and it got taken down. Oh boy. Well, I found youtube videos of the entire 2006 soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7NSfYUzwGU Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUDFbd5PkqU Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Teei-QInw Part 3 To top this off, I'm looking for any lead on a download to the whole remastered soundtrack. I'm finding absolutely jack shit. the only thing I found was a soundcloud that had 3 songs that were actually in the game and the rest was god knows what. It's really sad that Jagex, after all of these years, hasn't made their soundtrack public. I would have easily payed $40 for just the 2007 soundtrack. Probably even more for the remastered. Hope you enjoy.
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