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  1. Unfortunately. At least, probably Sizer can make Pharaoh's UI work in higher resolutions. Indeed you can since the game actually has the courtesy of having a windowed mode, don't need DxWnd for that one I was curious to see how well Borderless Gaming could remove stubborn windows title bars and borders compared to my shitty script. Despite the program being pretty limited in what it can do. l6PoDwPYnEE - BG does a great job at doing what the programs name says, much better than my shitty script, but the price apparently is mouse input delay. - borderless gaming adds some mouse input lag in any game you run through it. Not horrible, but you'll notice it. - Dxwnd plays nice with BG, but still causes menu glitches in Diablo. (also, interestingly this menu issue has annoyed the dxwnd dev for quite some time: http://sourceforge.net/p/dxwnd/discussion/general/thread/37dbd78d/?limit=50 ) - Dxwnd combined with BG correctly hides windows background unlike with Sizer. - BG can toggle hiding taskbar which is nice, program won't let you close it until you unhide taskbar, smart. This dev thinks ahead - Combo successfully fakes "fullscreen" without worrying about Nvidia interference with bi linear filtering problems if you actually ran the game in actual fullscreen. - Dxwnd set to 1400x1050 desktop centered, resolution window. Hide windows background check is toggled on. You can get Borderless Gaming for free on the creator's github page. Don't need to buy it through steam. https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases edit: You can minimize some of that input delay by disabling Windows Aero and using a basic theme. The fancy Aero theme makes it worse. https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/disable-windows-aero-windows-7.html Getting windows to use a basic theme in Win 8/10 is more annoying but there be tutorials on the googles. edit 2: Found a another handy program on steam forums you could use with Dxwnd. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WindowedBorderlessGaming/discussions/0/846966336037436101/ Guide for how to use it: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/864980278005937412/ Obviously, not going to work on EVERY game we throw at it just like any of our tests with any programs we've tried here. edit 3: download link was broken, here is a direct link that works. https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/downloading/WindowedBorderlessGaming_2.1.0.1.zip If you put dxwnd folder inside the program's folder it'll detect it and it'll be in the options menu which is handy. (if you name the folder dxwnd) This one I couldn't get to work with Diablo, but might work for other games.
  2. Yeah, but I honestly think that Sizer and sometimes DxWnd does a great job in upscaling for better resolutions. Also, I think Ross want one solution for this problem and hack the engine of every game he plays doesn't seems reasonable (for me). Neither of those programs can make 2D games fullscreen properly and DxWnd can cause glitches though as we've shown :/ Nvidia and AMD aren't adding more options beyond bi-linear any time soon it seems so this is the best we've got.
  3. Yea I did the same with my vids, use whatever if you want, I don't care. ----- I'll post some more info for other methods for high res older games, though I suspect you probably already know about this Ross, but I don't think you mentioned this stuff in your vid. If you look around enough you'll often find mods or hacks to run even the old 2D games at higher resolutions. Sometimes you just get bigger fields of view which I rather like in the example I'll post. Other times everything can get shrunk which isn't great as sprites don't get scaled up, just stay at their original resolutions. Great places to find resolution hacks: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home and http://www.wsgf.org/mgl For example Pharaoh doesn't run above 1024x768 4:3 normally, fans hacked resolutions in by hex editing the exe. http://www.wsgf.org/dr/pharaoh/en So you go from 4:3 1024x768: To 16:9 1920x1080 natively: Other games mentioned in vid: http://www.wsgf.org/dr/starcraft Interestingly, no widescreen hack for Diablo 1 here, but there is a fairly new mod: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/09/24/diablo-1-hd-resolution-mod/ http://www.wsgf.org/dr/diablo-ii --------- Another idea is installing Windows 95 inside of DOSBox, not sure how well 3D games would work inside of that but you could do proper upscales that way. I know Windows 3.11 works flawlessly inside of DOSBox, every Win 3.11 games I've tried works great, even the FMV stuff, there be guides and packs out there.
  4. Tried this out using just dxwnd. Running game in 1400x1050 which is 4:3. Helps them pixels look pixelly. Settings: This hides windows background and taskbar. Couldn't get rid of the window border/title though. Annoyingly, it doesn't unhide taskbar so you gotta restart explorer.exe in task manager after you quit. Can find resolutions using this handy page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_resolutions Sort by DAR
  5. Oh I should mention this for dxwnd. ddraw set here is Nearest-neighbor interpolation as described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scaling#Scaling_methods "The resulting image is larger than the original, and preserves all the original detail" A good detail to note since this program doesn't do a good job at explaining what any of these options really do. Its default anyways, but to help prevent confusion.
  6. Found a few other programs that might help out with this project. Some of these can also force windowed mode, other can just help run stubborn games. Others can scale games to higher resolutions. --------------- This one is a Japanese program that this bro semi-translated to english. It works for games up to Directx 9 apparently. I can't get it to work on Windows 10, it keeps saying to run it as administrator even though I am doing so...somebody else might have better luck. D3DWindower http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10242 --------------- This one is a Glide wrapper for old Glide games. Program is a little old. I don't have any glide games to test it on. http://www.zeckensack.de/glide/ --------------- nGlide is also a glide wrapper and much more up to date. Same as above. This one can render games in higher resolutions! http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide --------------- This one can wrap Directx games in OpenGL and do some nifty things, but seems limited to DirectX 8 games. Doesn't do much other than compatibility stuff. DirectX OpenGL Wrapper http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxglwrap/ --------------- "DXGL is a project to create a DirectDraw/Direct3D version 1 to 7 implementation that runs on OpenGL." This one is in alpha. https://www.williamfeely.info/wiki/DXGL#Downloads ------------- So with that I did a test with DXGL first. pzODwqcQUpg - DXGL lets you scale by nearest neighbor and not bilinear! - Can get proper 4:3 aspect ratio, and it shows up in video capture! - Software is still in alpha, the menus do not work at all in Diablo 1 - Did run in a nice 1920x1080 res with no blur! - ****the program installs a ddraw.dll file into the game folder to make this all work so delete it afterwards to not use DXGL**** That is one to keep an eye on but its not ready yet, at least for Diablo 1, but it might work for other games already.
  7. Hey you got further than I did with that combo lol, awesome work. I think Sizer does a better job with upscaling correctly so that is a bonus. I'll tinker with fullscreening it later using your method if its even possible, but its not end of the world playing in a window at least its not a blurry mess which is what Ross wanted. This is pretty cool, didn't know it was possible till this thread happened.
  8. He's talking about AA support when you "emulate" Windows operating systems and then run games inside that in software like VMWare or Oracle Box. http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/virtualization/virtualbox/overview/index.html I don't think its actually emulation though, its a simulation or virtualization. They also happen to be pretty shit for running video games, they're intended for busniess use. Like say a company is lazy and doesn't want to port their ancient Windows 95 warehouse stock program, but are using newer computers with modern windows on them. Like Ross said the best way sometimes right now is to run old games that just REFUSE to run on modern windows with all the mods/hacks/tinkering in the world and or newer hardware... is to actually use an old computer with an old operating system. For example Midtown Madness 1 by Microsoft Studios doesn't work at all in Windows 7/8/10 if you want to run it in anything other than software mode which looks hideous. It doesn't recognize new graphics cards so just assumes you don't have one. It runs like dogshit in OracleBox. It plays perfectly on my old Pentium 3, ATI Rage Pro, 256 MB Ram with Windows 98se computer though.
  9. I figured it out actually lol Just the end bit on the url: [youtube]IbiUXjQuYVg[/youtube] I did one more test after all: IbiUXjQuYVg Test 3: Using Diablo 1 - dxwnd only with fullscreen setting edit: - fullscreen setting ignores windowed res so this doesn't work, it stays at 640x480 and gets nvidia'd. I didn't alt-tab i just hit my hotkey ctrl+b and that happened oh well. I tried to just window Diablo 1 using dxwnd then use sizer to make the window bigger/or fullscreen but it didn't work at all. I'll tinker more later and with other games Ross showed in his video.
  10. I did a few tests with old games with no windowed mode support built in. Test 1: Using Diablo 1 - dxwnd method with autohotkey - using dxwnd with 1920x1080 resolution window with correct aspect ratio, once the game opens I use the autohotkey script to go into "fullscreen" - Didn't stay in 4:3...shit. - Did actually run in 1920x1080 - Menu graphics got a little messed up, ingame was fine. 3dkl3ZuUyF8 ----------- Test 2: Using Diablo 1 - Sizer only method - setup as Thomasbelcar showed to see if it'd make the game resize instead of running in 640x480, run in 1920x1080. - Game crashes when I try to activate sizer 6XegHSiqWDE Might be a way around the crash, I'll have to try tomorrow I gotta sleep.
  11. I don't think so but I think it can resize programs to look like fullscreen. Take a look at this video that I made: Edit 1: I was wrong. Yes it can make games run in a fullscreen. Just tweak it on it's options. Could you show how please? I'm tinkering with sizer but haven't found a way to make games run in a fullscreen using it alone. Thanks man.
  12. i really don't get it. What's the problem with windows? Most of the old games are in 4:3 aspect ratio. I prefer to play it on a window rather in fullscreen. Well yea, its personal preference. I prefer games to run fullscreen. Also, does the program you posted resize fullscreen old games? Like Diablo 2? Diablo 2 doesn't have a windowed mode without using the other program I posted, dxwnd. Diablo 2 among many other old games don't run in a window at all officially. If it can then nothing I posted is needed at all really.
  13. Pretty sweet Thomasbelcar! I think i'll be using that one myself. It made me think though. I know of this program here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ Its a Windows hooker - intercepts system calls to make fullscreen programs running in a window, to support a better compatibility, to enhance video modes and to stretch timing. It is typically very useful to run old windows games. Now, since it forces old games to window... how about combining it with Thomasbelcar's idea with http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/ ????? You'd want to use Sizer to make the game (assuming your desktop is in 1920x1080 resolution here) also be in a resized 1920x1080 window. Why? Well now. This is getting complicated jesus but, we don't want a stupid game window right? WE WANT FULLSCREEN! Now, I've done some funky hacky shite to get Turok 2 to work in 1080p "fullscreen" with the correct FOV and such. I had problems getting a few hacks to work on Windows 10 specifically getting the game fullscreen. I made a pack here awhile ago for people to play Turok 2's PC Port on modern windows. Kinda pointless now since the announcement of a remastered version that'll be on steam eventually, the 1st game is already. That is beside the point though. http://theisozone.com/downloads/pc/windows-games/turok-2-pc-for-modern-windows-oss/ So I used a program called AutoHotKey https://autohotkey.com/ I use a script that removes the window border and title bar of any active window, and moves the window so that it fills the screen. I'll make a separate link here for ou Ross, for just that part of my pack. The autohotkey program and the script I made. https://mega.nz/#!Ql0n0Kwb!f7WuEXTlGPPqDOMGBGeuuESspa-es5-OfK_rDf8MNo8 Script is: ^!f:: WinGetTitle, currentWindow, A IfWinExist %currentWindow% { WinSet, Style, ^0xC00000 ; toggle title bar WinMove, , , 0, 0, 1920, 1080 } return Looking at Thomasbelcar's screenshots though it seems the Sizer program can do this anyways (borderless and move the window) so the autohotkey script might not be needed at all! What would happen if we combined all 3 programs together? A horrible migraine? Probably. But it might just work.
  14. Alright alright alright. Here is some obscure stuff Ross. -------------------- YU-NO. Here is the soundtrack in mp3 form. http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/yu-no-super-sound-track The soundtrack was composed by Ryu Umemoto who unfortunately deceased, Aug 16, 2011. A veteran composer of visual novels and shooters, known for composing the games such as Eve, YU-NO, and Akai Katana. Its strange to me that he only ever worked on sorta seedy titles because the music he made was really amazing. Lots of good old synth music. The music is awesome. YU-NO is actually a super long (80 or so hours) visual novel RPG with an actually good story, it just also happens to have a lot of sex in it. Not gutter trash like the usual guff. -------------------- 1 Song here: http://fortune500.bandcamp.com/album/sailorwave Song #4 translates to "Sailor Mars" Can download it by clicking mirror: goo.gl/CfbR2S -------------------- Now for less weeby shit, I'm sorry. This Diddy Kong Racing Remix Album is absolutely groovy. Listened to it driving to work for MONTHS. Preview music vid in the link, 5 songs. Interstellar Dream Disco is my jam. http://www.gamechops.com/diddy-kong-racing-bootleg-circuit/ -------------------- Lagrange Point - Famicom There is the Nintendo Famicom Lagrange Point Soundtrack. What sets it apart from your usual NES chiptunes is it used Konami's VRC7 sound chip containing a YM2413 derivative providing 6 channels of FM Synthesis audio. It was only used in this ONE game to its fullest extent. Never came out in USA. Tiny Toon Adventures 2 kinda used it too, but who cares. http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/lagrange-point -------------------- How about some old school PC MOD music? I can get you started with one of my favorites from 1991. You can use http://media.io/ to convert the old school .mod format to mp3 which is handy! My favorite is Jester - Stardust Memories, a fasttracker mod. http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=59344 If you want to hear what it sounds like before downloading: You can find some other gems in the top rated section: http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_rating_comments&query=10 -------------------- Another MOD I really like, enough to post it on youtube myself its a really upbeat song. This is "Kick the beat" by Andreas Viklund (June 1998). I found it playing an Unreal Tournament 1999 mod called "Monster Hunt" where you go through huge levels with up to 32 other players online in coop shooting the shit out of 1000's of monster, doing puzzles, platforming, beating gigantic bosses.. man its a real blast. This song plays on one of the user made maps (MH-ShootingGuysObnoxious) and was in the UT game's .UQM music format. Found out who made it using Modplug Tracker which can open .uqm files. I've hosted the mp3 conversion I made here: https://mega.nz/#!g80AxAKa!kc_HDs_tJhEF0SvK9RadVJNziSro-_zd2hGDtMBQ4mc The MODS files have a composer's comment section built in so I'll post what it says! Techno/Rave/Goa mix... Either you like it, or you hate it...I like it =) I'd be happy if you sent me some mail: [email protected] Wonder if that email still works haaha.
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