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  1. Happy Birthday, Ross! Here is an obscure one, IMO the best from Tzar: The Burden of the Crown: The style is medieval, it's based on a national Bulgarian song about tzar Ivan Shisman and the fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The game is an RTS from 2000, created by a Bulgarian studio, I'm not sure if it's still for sale. The song is on a playlist, so in case you like it you can check the others out. Some of them are good, some of them are hit-and-miss. Another recommendation I have is the soundtrack from Red Alert 2, which I am 90% sure you must have heard (you've probably even mentioned it somewhere), but I'll share it anyway, just because it's worth it: [Hell March 2, personal favourite] [Full soundtrack] As for a movie soundtrack, I'll go with a mix from Lord of the Rings. I know it's a VERY popular movie, but the Saruman/Isengard theme can only be described with the words EPIC and BAD-ASS once the tempo picks up. I like to listen to it on repeat often.
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