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  1. The TimeSplitters Franchise (Composed by Graeme Norgate) All-instrumental, atmospheric music that would be played in the background of a level in the 1st person shooter (Think GoldenEye) http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/timesplitters-gamerip http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/timesplitters-2 http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/timesplitters-future-perfect-ust The 1st & 2nd games are set over many different time periods, so there is a variety of genres/themes throughout each of them. The 3rd game (Future Perfect) was a lot more story-based so the music isn't as varied, but has some theme tunes for each of the characters, and was partly composed by someone else. It might be worth checking other websites (Including YouTube) for the OST as there could be a few extra pieces not listed on the links I've given. None of the games are particularly well known and there are no PC versions for any of them, so I'm guessing you haven't heard of them.
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