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  1. Hey! I have good news! i'm not sure when exactly, but I've checked back and the developer has started updating it again! Still... This game needs more time in the proverbial oven. Maybe it could become something nice in a year though. I'll keep my eye on it!
  2. Hey! While this game is already listed as early access, it should be noted that this will most likely never be finished. If you check the updates on the game, the creator links this blog post he made, https://blog.creakycorpse.com/2019/07/dead-frontier-2.html I'd just like everyone that looks at this to be fully aware of the situation surrounding this game.
  3. Hello there, Mr.Ross! I recently purchased a game called Stalingrad. It's a simple RTS about the Nazis and the Soviets, overuse but always nice to find new great games about whole assault. But, I only decided to open it after watching your birthday video and when I payed attention to the rather obscure game's music, I was BLOWN AWAY. It's some of the absolute best metal I've heard and I don't even like much metal. And even the intro movie plays this amazing metal and just lets you take it all in. I'd like to share the tracks with you as the game did NOT release any soundtrack but it was all conveniently in a file. Going off of what you said, I'd love to share with you; The music of Stalingrad. I have zipped up the music file and posted on MEGA.nz for you to listen to at what ever time you like, hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Download link: https://mega.nz/#!2FJShSoB
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