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  1. Spewkies

    Birthday thread: Software

    Did you read my post? Ross's problem isn't running AA, is that his old games are blurry in higher resolutions. These games are made in a specific resolution, and sizer fix the blurry problem to higher resolutions. Watch the video beyond 16:34
  2. Spewkies

    Birthday thread: Software

    Why would he do that? My solution to this problem seems more effective. This is a solution for running AA on an emulated machine, not resizing the window.
  3. Spewkies

    Birthday thread: Software

    Could you not use the Anti-Aliasing from sweetfx for older games running emulated windows? It's a direct x 9 wrapper but you can use a custom dx8 dll so that any dx8 games will still use it. As for dx7 I assume you can still do it.

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