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  1. A few more single tracks I remember. LC49F20aWio fU3i1X27L0Q 1nIogXo3sS8 j_podzD4cSA
  2. One of the best and weirdest Soundtracks I ever heard was the one for Earth 2140, a polish RTS game from 1997. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world yet had some really odd tunes. There is a . I will also pick out some of my favourite songs from it so you can get a feel of it. Groovy Main Theme: 1dtoESMLLoY This one was used in both Faction's first missions since it's more or less the only one that fits the game's theme, so it's a good start. Porn Music?: 9E-Cjip2nn4 This one starts around the 1 minute mark. It's extremely weird to play a game in a radioactive wasteland and suddenly hearing this play. On the other hand it does create a nice contrast. It's very relaxing and I'd like to think this is what people listen to to get away from the horrifying reality of living in a destroyed world. Harmonic Jungle Music: RH9RVnsq2hY Happy tunes and bird sounds. It makes me wonder if the people who made the music were even aware what kind of game this was supposed to be and just threw in whatever they had. And finally he's a video which features the brilliant intro as well as one of the first faction missions so you can get a feel of what the game is actually like. 1jeczBf3D2I I also forgot to mention. The complete soundtrack should be in the GoG version of the game. I also found a site where you could download them individually but I wasn't sure if that is entirely legal. If you just google "Earth 2140 soundtrack" it should be one of the first results though.
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