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  1. This music is from Metal Saga. An old jrpg on PS2. I think all the music is great but ill make it quick for everyone. Tracks you HAVE to listen to (best tracks from the game imo): -main theme -plays at most boss battles -last battle music, my personal fav -close 2nd personal fav Tracks that are great as well. Listen to the tracks above first to see if your a fan of the games music first. -has a mysterious feel to it -when you see an enemy -for a certain boss battle - different feel, very relaxing BTW if you watched Ross's game dungeon ep. of Dungeon Siege, and you enjoyed that game then try out Metal Saga. It has that same sense of adventure, so when I heard of Dungeon Siege I had to try it out. Since Metal Saga's old and the developers can't make any money off of this game, for me its ok to pirate and play using a PS2 emulator. Its the kind of game Ross would like (great story, characters and weird), so if anyone else has the same tastes, try it out! Though it is turn based. For those that are interested, heres a complete playthough of the game in 2 mins. And the game is 50+hours long. No cheats and hacks are used. The end tells you all the crazy stuff you could do. Happy B-Day Ross!
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