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  1. Happy Birthday! Not so much something you've not heard before, but I do know you like the Strife (the 90s one) soundtrack, and, Xeotroid at the zDooM forums has created a remastered version. I think you were asking after something like this? (also, heretic, hexen, doom and a bunch of other wads) Thread with MP3, FLAC and .wad (for Doom/GzDooM) downloads: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=48937 Youtube: In terms of a suggestion, I recently started playing Bethesda's call of Cthulhu game, and I think the soundtrack is pretty neat. You know, in a "ageless starbeasts beyond the capability of human understanding are going to devour your soul" kind of way: (the soundtrack is just in the game folder in .ogg format, and it's really cheap on steam right now. You could probably afford it just by selling a bunch of those useless trading cards they give out every year that people weirdly pay actual money to get. I don't understand the whole economy there, I think Valve have a bunch of bot accounts that just buy stuff at randomly predetermined values to make people think that they have some kind of use?)
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