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  1. For live audio management, there are a few options that come to mind: Voicemeeter & Voicemeeter Banana. By far the simplest, and more of a tool for mixing multiple audio streams together, but it has a super basic one or two knob compression system. I bring it up for completeness more than anything, since someone is bound to mention it downthread. Hotto Engineering's Audio Compressor & Limiter, it's just a compressor & limiter and free, but it has about as much control as any compressor. Adobe Audition, not free, and you probably already have it, but it can work for live audio mixing by using the per-track monitoring setup (the "I" button), and supports basically any effects on the input audio. The main downside here is that it has a 200ms-500ms delay, which OBS can compensate for. A physical compressor, which is the most expensive option, but has basically no delay and doesn't require any CPU resources. I went through the last 3 options in order over the past few years for my own streaming, and they all worked fine. I've not used Voicemeeter for anything other than mixing multiple audio streams, since I don't find it's compressor controllable enough for my tastes, but maybe you just want something super simple.
  2. People have been pointing out the Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- OST, but not the older Guilty Gear soundtracks (which have completely different songs) or the Blazblue soundtracks. Guilty Gear XX: Included with Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R and Guilty Gear XX #Reload Steam purchases (the latter is missing a couple of songs the former has, but is mastered with greater dynamic range). ( ) My favourites off that are , (both harpsichord-heavy hard rock), (more of an 80's synthpop thing, especially the version), and (good end-of-the-world music, though moreso in the version). Blazblue: There are kinda two soundtracks here. Calamity Trigger & Continuum Shift both go for something of a techno-rock style, with a bit of baroque influence throughout. (YouTube Playlist for preview) Also, the included OST for Continuum Shift in the Steam download is only at 128kbps MP3, so you'll want to extract the .ogg files from the game data for those using some kind of .pac file unpacker, such as QuickBMS. The other soundtrack is Chronophantasma's, which ditches the techno aspect and goes full force into speed metal and neo-baroque styles. No Steam release until February, so I'm not sure how best to get the OST until then other than one of the console versions (assuming it is included), but this is the least badly compressed YouTube playlist I can find. My favourites from these are Lust Sin, Bullet Dance II (specifically the Chronophantasma version), Condemnation Wings (so far all hard violin rock), Thin RED Line (sounds like Kansas's Belexes, but more hard rock), and Alexandrite (more of a techno dance song).
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