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  1. Hi there. I actually created this account years ago in order to post a few obscure soundtracks I had lying around, but I decided against it since on reexamination, it felt like it was bordering on piracy (specifically I was going to post the Remastered Cave Story soundtrack, and the full soundtrack to the game REZ. I think there was another but I don't recall.) Well, now I'm here with something that is NOT piracy, best I can tell, and it's something I made. EarthBound's a cool 1995 Super Nintendo RPG, a localization of the Japanese game MOTHER 2. In Japan, the game got an official soundtrack that had some interesting processing and a curated feel so that it wasn't just all the random five second clips or whatever interspersed with the real meaty music. I admit, this is something I have BIG ISSUES with on most soundtrack rips of old RPG's, it's just too chaotic and scattered. The problem with that album is that it was only about a third of the soundtrack and was missing a LOT of the best music. That's why I made this for the 25th anniversary of EarthBound not long ago. This is an hour and forty minute album, thirty five tracks, taking the work on the original album and running with it. This is a curated, aural-journey style album hitting all of the most notable and memorable songs from beginning to end. I made custom artwork for both the 'front' and 'back', took great care to make the new additions sound in-tune with the existing album work, and made the music the focal point, not my own work. If all that sounds good to you, you can download the soundtrack from a Google Drive or MEGA below! At some point, I'll have some kind of YouTube thing up so you can listen to it via streaming if you prefer, or if you want to hear the album before downloading it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SF3F4f2qVkY9jObI8eb_APnHv2D-IYdn/view https://mega.nz/file/KWpCUAzY#m7rijDW8qv9lVSDSpw9FxzagtFvYHbWosmeVCY90Vc4
  2. I already emailed Ross about this, but I figured I'd join up to the forum to share this. I'm a huge SEGA fan, and one of my favorite series from them is Jet Set Radio. Partly because it has fantastic soundtracks. The issue is, while the main Naganuma soundtrack is easy enough to find, the WHOLE soundtrack is a little trickier. So here's a link to a zip archive I made of the entire soundtracks to Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, and spiritual spin-off, Oliie King. Every track is there, ordered and ready to go. Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques, Cibo Matto, Deavid Soul, Rob Zombie, Jurassic 5, the Latch Brothers, Russel Simms, everyone, plus official album art, and as a bonus, some songs that are edited or remixed for the games have the original songs included. EDIT: Didn't realize I was posting an encrypted file. Fixed the link, should be good to download now.
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