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  1. Another fantastic episode Ross. As others have said, the subtle jabs at HL2's game design are hilarious, and the "DID THEY JUST POUR BURNING OIL ON ME?" bit had me rolling on my lunch break. Looking forward to the next episode as well as new Game Dungeons! As far as the scheduling goes, the high quality of your videos is always worth the wait
  2. I miss FMV in games. It was so hilariously cheesy.
  3. Great video as always Ross. It really is amazing that you have been able to consistently make interesting videos like this, introducing me to new games every video. I look forward to see how the movie ends up!
  4. Good video. I like this new format! it will be good for some smaller videos coming more frequently.
  5. Left Fish Door will be my new username in the next mmo I play
  6. Don't worry about it, health comes first! Hopefully the problem with the air quality is more or less solved, that can be a dangerous issue.
  7. Another great video Ross. I remember my older siblings playing this game (I was a little too young) and remember it being very bizarre, completely forgot about it till now!
  8. I don't think this question has been asked in the past, but I've might've missed it. You are primarily a PC gamer, but have there been any console games in the past that have had big impacts on your life? I know you've mentioned super metroid and castlevania symphony of the night before, but I was curious if there were any others. The biggest for me was Ape Escape
  9. Wait! Come back Alien Overlords! We didn't even get to show you one of our greatest works of art... Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear! "You haven't even seen Weekend at Bernies yet!"
  10. I used to play this MMO called Graal Online which was basically a MMO version of early zelda games. I was a captain of one of the bigger guilds in the game, and one day a few other leaders of the guild and I found a way to glitch into an unfinished area in the game, virtually a whole new city. Naturally we used it as a base for a while and bragged about it to all the other rival guilds. That is until some admins found out. The moderators for the game put on some weird trial for us and everyone in the guild decided to blame me so I got banned, and all the other leaders of the guild eventually ended up becoming admins. Life isn't fair sometimes. Still makes me chuckle thinking about it.
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