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  1. Hey Ross! How about leaving up the recordings of the live-chats on Twitch? Sometimes I don't get the chance to get there and see it live, and then I have to wait all the time it takes to upload it to youtube. Looking forward to your next rant, the 3D one was really insightful, on the mark, and helped me rediscover my hype for VR.
  2. Still going with the Twitch-solution then? I for one think that's alright, the last segment was actually really neat and worked well compared to the first ones. You said you would look for a way to improve on the format, and letting people send in questions ahead of time has certainly accomplished that. To me it would be weird at this point if the streams went somewhere else than Twitch, as that would remove the need for the game-demos in the corner. I have come to enjoy those as a secondary distraction. But change is not always bad, I don't know things. Another thing, is this where we post questions for the next time? I guess that counts as a question either way, but you know...
  3. Hey Ross! Big fan, I enjoy everything you put out on you channel (yes even what little we got of Moon Gaming. Would love to see more ). I have a lot of questions for you, and realize you probably won't answer all, so I will list them in the order of importance to me and you can choose which, if any, you will answer from that. 1) What is your philosophy in making content? What kinds of things do you try to avoid doing that you see elsewhere on youtube, and what do you try to accomplish yourself? I have heard you touch very tangentially on this in some videos, but only enough to hint that you are indeed conscious of what you are doing. You seem really thorough, hard working, and non-compromising, and you have made brief remarks of how you want to separate your own videos from other's before, but I would love to hear more and get the complete picture. Your videos stand out in a good way, the comedy, mood, and quality, and I would love to hear what you aim for to make that the case. 2) What got you into making machinima? 3) Can you recommend me any machinima to watch? I am a newb in the territory, and have only enjoyed the stuff on your channel and stuff like Arby 'n' the Chief, which only half way applies. 4) What is you opinion of the Linux and Open Source community, and would you like to see gaming happening for real on those platforms instead of mostly Windows? Hope that isn't too much to hope for, but I am genuinely curious about these things.
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