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    I really though this was an Aprils fools joke
  2. Wow, this is a good critique. I knew there were plot wholes but I never realized how unbelievable it really was. Augmentations would give anyone a physical advantages but in reality only a few people would end up with them due to entry and maintenance costs. Would this really cause riots in the streets, etc? This is why I watch you Ross.
  3. uncommon

    Birthday thread: Soundtracks

    Not sure if someone already posted about this but in the game Freelancer, a space sim, there are a few bars where you find news and pickup jobs. Most are you will forget but there were a few that I have saved for years and are always on my play list. Ihey are very loop-able. You can grab the files directly from the game folder but they are stored as MP3, I am not sure if anyone will find any thing better. Here is where you can find some tracks: http://the-starport.net/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?start=120&list=M And here are my top 5. music_bar_br02 music_bar_br03 music_bar_br05 music_bar_generic02 music_bar_li03

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