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  1. The thing is, Restoration kit is a bad investment in the end, since it does not restore even 500 hp, while the medkit gives you about 1-2k hp in about half a second. C4 is such a game changer on most classes aside from Engineer, especially on Medic and even more on LA. However, it's not something any new player should be investing from his starting certs anyways. Though, as far as I remember, C4 falls under stuff that you can get reimbursed at BR15, so least that helps. If you look at the last sentence of my post, you'll find I did say to go to VR and test everything first... Saying that I shouldn't suggest anything until after they go to VR makes no sense. Yeah, my bad, I stopped reading just short of that sentence and skimmed over it, while I had nothing to add there, it didn't register to my brain. Like CS:GO, or CoD Pro Mod? The only trully run-n-gun games were arena shooters and they aren't that popular. With amount of snipers, extremely fast time to kill, run-n-gunners are fodder to anyone with enough caution in those "popular" fpses, then again, I haven't played popular FPS since CoD4. Except, I don't think CoD, least first 2 Modern Warfare installments made run and gun a powerful playstyle. I mean, I always like to do that, but unless I stop doing that, I will be just a fodder for better players. I still do run-n-gun in PS2 from time to time, because how ingrained it is in me from early ET:Wolfenstein days and AvP2 survival marathons, but I have to catch myself doing that brainlessly and remember, to turn the autopilot off. My fault, I should've said "Please, don't do that" because it's still a stupid suggestion putting HVA on a weapon with 0.55 degree vertical recoil for 30 more m/s muzzle velocity at cost of 10% extra recoil, making it over 0,6 degrees per shot. The gun already has too much visual recoil to it obscuring your vision on target to keep make sure you're shooting well enough. The correct way to build NC6 is with compensator, AFG and no HVA, scope depends on taste. These two datasheets have more info on guns behaviour and how attachments affect them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZDWAl4l0bcYu4gZ0Ib12ybaewG1lpds76aDdv2C-6A8/edit#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iGX7uVzLyey4G9lV7WPEJ38etR28p2hwqdxzYKweAS0/edit#gid=4 325 certs for the weapon, 100 certs for HVA, because this thing nees that 100 more muzzle velocity, a sight, Forward grip and compensator, so 325+100+30+100+100 = dun dun dun 655 certs, does that sound cheap now? Note, auraxiuming a weapon you earn about 800 certs. Auraxiuming is a process of getting 1160 kills with a weapon to get auraxium medal on it and 200 certs + complete part of directive. Also, please, don't asume shit like that about me. I regret the purchase not because of money, I've spent about 200$ on Planetside 2, I regret it, because it's a terrible weapon and every time I see it in my weapon select screen, I know a completionist in me will want to Auraxium it and every time I tried, I just wanted to drink myself to passing out. That gun too damn niche to suggest for "counter sniping". Especially, when you have access to a damn Bolt Driver from the get go and way more reliable and universal NC6. Yeah, max BR in game is 120.... If you're talking dasanfal BR ratings, how many of those were infiltrator specialists? Warden is a gun for 50-200 meter engagments, which are also somewhere where vehicles become main actors of the fight. Furthermore, if you're taking your time countersniping instead of fighting for the base as infantry, you're already losing a fight, because that's what the snipers are there to do, distract and pick off straglers. That's my opinion though and let's agree that we disagree on usefulness of Warden and other battle rifles. God damn it, Eidolon almost made me quit the game when I was a newb, I can't just stand there and see others suggest something that almost made me quit the game :/ 200 damage weapons with 0 degree standing CoF. LMG: NC6 Gauss Saw and NC6A Godsaw; Assault Rifles: Reaper DMR and A9-Tross; Carbine: AC-X11. All are 200 damage weapons fully automatic. You've suggested a 3.4x scope for a weapon with highest recoil per shot for automatic weapons, that would be used as main bread and butter for the player. This would kill any of ADS capabilities in CQB enviroment of NC6. 3.4x sights do not use ADS sensitivity, but one tied to scope sensitivity, which is tied to snipers, which will make it way harder to follow target in CQB enviroment. Speaking of 4th point, I've seen multiples of good players using shotguns to dominate in correct place. It's not used much by them because it's shunned by their peers for "having no skill weapon" but To quote you: We're not talking about shielded heavies here. 1 shot kill ranges for bolt rifles are this: SAS-R 200m, LA-80 and NC14 Bolt Driver 250m, EM4 Longshot 300m, Railjack 300+ SAS-R also doesn't have any scope sway at all and damage drop off matters at 200 meters, where 1 shot in the head still kills. Bolt Driver has 250m effective range and EM4 has 300m (infrantry render range) But good luck for a newbie hit it. Also BS, that you can dodge a bullet that can get to you in 0.2 seconds from 100 meter range and 0.4 seconds (average human reaction time) from it's maximum effective range. Investing 100 certs into a shotgun to make it a viable alternative for CQB, especially in smaller bases (that's all Mauler needs, extended magazine, everything else is fluff) or invest 1k + attachments into an SMG, that you might not like? Mauler is a semi automatic shotgun too, not a pump one, so it's not that hard to use. Unlike something like Jackhammer and Baron, which have quite small CoFs, making them more accurate, but also, easier to miss in frantic CQB, Mauler is more lenient for new player to even get a kill at least, if he chose right tool for right job. Though it's interesting, how updated wiki is. Back in my day (old man mode) we had to use api dataminer spreadsheets to get any info on weapons.
  2. I don't really want to give conflicting information, but I can't stand the urge to give my opinion. As much as C4 is useful, using starting certs on it will not bring great results, especially, if the person doesn't know what class he wants to take. C4 is also huge cert investment on any class and even if this brings best out of LA, there are better investments at the start to make. Just equiping MEDKIT would be better, since it's a universal utility item and only costs 50 certs for first tier. Also suggesting to put on scope without trying is a bad suggestion, new player should try out scopes in VR, to see, which is most comfortable for him. Furthermore just saying that LA is not a "run-n-gun" class is kinda oversimplification, when it's best at usint's mobility. And anyways, there is not a class that can just "run-n-gun" in planetside, as much as you'd get close that style, it's gonna be shut down by any type of player, who takes time. First of all, DO NOT suggest Hight Velocity ammunition to new players, it's extra recoil for little benefit. Second of all, as someone who payed 700 Station cash for Warden, it's bad, real bad and does not bring anything good compared to NC6 Gauss Saw. The 200 damage weapons are way better for countersniping due to innate 0 degree cone of fire (CoF) for first shot, while not moving. Third thing. New players won't have a selection of weapons to pick from and it's best for them to have multitude of scopes, so narrowing down their selection through recommendations will only harm them. Also, you wouldn't want person with limited amount of weapon variety to limit it even further through misconception. True, NC6 is worse in CQC than most other factions, but it's not fully outclassed, it's still competitive in Time To Kill (TTK) deparment, as are most weapons. And if you are having bad time in Close Quarters Combat, there is always Shotgun available, that you can equip in 4 out of 6 classes, which also is a good to invest 100 certs into extended magazine. All bolt action sniper rifles can one shot into the head, just their One Hit range varies between rifles. Even SAS-R can one shot, but it has lower range than any other sniper rifle and longest range of them all is Railjack, though, it's not that great due to it's range being beyon rendering range. Furthermore unlike all other sniper rifles, SAS-R has it's benefits, it has no sway while aiming down sights (ADSing). Or not waste certs and equip a shotgun for CQB and use AI turret for longer engagements.
  3. You do understand that you can make up to 3 characters, 6 if you everget were a lot subscriber?
  4. I'm interested what do you mean by that. Care to explain? Should we fear a strong, united counter-offensive or is it something else you are talking about? Likelyhood of being literally farmed by veterans is god damn high. If Angry Joe's attempt at getting back to PS2 has shown, veterans of this game rarely take kindly to "newbs" with ideas of conquering them. Not to say you can't still fight it, but it will be hard, if even half of vets decide they don't like the new kids on their block. On poking the bear comment. PS2 players, who are veterans of this game know how to wage organized large scale warfare in Auraxis. I'm talking about organized and voice communicated forces of few hundred players with experienced squad and platoon leaders and what we call Force Commanders controlling multiple platoons. I've personally seen 480 people working under single person, I have seen and been part of such forces where ~1500 players from 3 sides clashed for single base for as little as breaking the lock of the continent. Most of them probably don't play these days anymore, but some that do would probably be enough to organize about 240 people and that would be enough with their knowledge and organization to rip most of the rabbles, that come to such events as Ross' to shreds and keep us locked in the warpgate. I know I am being a negative nancy and a pessimist, but I want to be prepared, if this were to happen and that's kinda hard with as loose as organization as we do have now.
  5. Then something like Public Test Server would work best. Edit: btw, Ross, would you appreciate some old veteran stories from battles in Planetside 2?
  6. Other players could always just bite the bullet and join other factions, but we wouldn't really be togheter any longer and not everyone would be able to play. Also I have no idea how long the queue times actually are. Did you try contacting the developers themselves? Maybe they can assist you with this somehow but I doubt it'll really solve the main issue. I guess you are essentially screwed, unless you can ask the developers for more help, or for a clearer explanation, I really have no idea if I understood what they said myself properly, I really wouldn't want to have a few thousand players trying to join up just to end up not being able to play. I think the developers are posting on Reddit, maybe you can send them a message there or something. Maybe these two are devs, could be wrong. https://www.reddit.com/user/a_sites https://www.reddit.com/user/Radar_X Well 1) max map population is ~600 per faction. 2) If you brought 3k players, you'd fill up over 2 maps at same time. 3) Server theoretically can hold 2400 players per faction and some in VR 4) I really believe Ross is optimistic with player turnout. 5) Yes those two are of Daybreak Games, also Wrel is. There's more actively participating in reddit community, but can't be sure, how many of them are still in the company. Edit: furthermore, you're challenging a community that made organized 240 vs 240 their competitive format. Please be aware you're poking the bear.
  7. Well, I personally didn't like Fallout 1, probably because I started with second and it's still one of my favourite games of all time. Just can't make myself replay it 10th time. Second one has a bit better but still not great combat system. So I don't know, if you'd really enjoy it. Tactics does have best combat of the 3 and version I had (pirated back in the day) had all race stats in a txt file, so it was fun to break it: getting 5k agility was ridiculous.
  8. Usually it's V and quick melee does 500 damage, which is hitscan but short range as hell. There are knives that when you equip and activate for 1k damage.
  9. This is something so minor and so stupid to most people but finally jeez. I don't care much about the construction stuff though, it sounds tedious so far, maybe it's actually fun but I'm not sure about it, my game is still updating anyway. You can hold quick melee button to equip knife...
  10. Reporting, could join today without anyone being online. So I have no idea what was going on yesterday with this. Also, there is game updated today, possibly making this game even harder to understand, so brace yourselves.
  11. There's a reason more than one why consoles have lower FoV. And do note, that PS2 uses vertical FoV, let's say 70 FoV would be enough.
  12. Discord, by looks of it, should handle all of it in one place, which would help a lot + you can use it over browser.
  13. Or, if we find several voice-chat servers, we can chain-link them together to relay the messages from one-another. Did you know you can do this? We may not yet have flying cars, but at least the message relaying is something our computers can do on their own (well, mumble can, I never used teamspeak or ventrilo). But that's all just theory. Unless there will be some other servers available it's not gonna work. By the way, Ross, can you say what was the average number of listeners to your monthly chats? This should give a rough number of players to expect. I have been comm officer for the squad and platoons and that was not pleasurable experience at all.
  14. What's the FoV minimum you can bear?
  15. I'll be honest, PS1 is a fucking logistics simulator rather than MMOFPS. I personally dislike that game with passion for trying to pass as FPS with such horrendously bad feeling shooting that I want to stop playing FPSes for awhile after it. PS2 has way more streamlined experiece than first one and if people can't fiddle with second one, first one is way beyond that some if not majority can deal with. There's too much fiddling for too little feedback, with going to correct place to sit in correct position in vehicles, fiddling with inventory to put in everything without leaving blank slots (which as far as I read ended up purely in grenade spamming the hallways), selecting correct armor for driving or fighting (which is maybe correct decision, if there were meaningful suit slots outside heavy, MAX and pilot), guns feel terrible in that game and are pretty generic, each gun is everybodies gun and not one really can give you "this is my rifle" feeling. And fuck stamina bars in that game. It's and logistics simulator with fps gameplay elements, which are poorly executed compared to their contemproary FPSes like ET:W, though even that does feel quite dated. It might great from people with affinity to RTSes and grand strategies, but to me, a person of footsoldiering and simple squad leading, it's god damn boring. P.S. can you thumbnai the image please, it's kinda annoying to scroll left and right due to size of it .
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