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  1. Hey @Ross Scott about SA2 being ported into SA1, it's probably because SA1 controls differently and there are a lot of people that prefer how it handles compared to SA2
  2. Does anyone know what track the music from the opening turret section is on the soundtrack download that Ross released? I can't find it.
  3. The only thing I could think of that does something like that are some of those keyboards with optical switches. But I don't know how many there are that use it for simulating analog movement.
  4. The only middle ground I can think of is the steam controller. But that wouldn't really work well for FM.
  5. Yeah, HL2 was not made for that control scheme. It's implementation feels more like an afterthought to me. Especially compared to something like Halo CE.
  6. It's not. Like I said, I'd rather play it with a keyboard and mouse. If you notice, that point when I brought up my weapon switcher and then took a step back after shooting the windows, that was me trying to switch to the grenades. I eventually just used the scroll wheel on my mouse to do it. The only exception for me is that I'll sometimes play my steam copy of Halo MCC with a controller, but usually when I'm on my TV.
  7. In response to the discussion of whether or not gamepad aiming should be used for FM, I recorded a bit of me playing HL2 with my Xbox One controller. Even though I consider myself pretty good at gamepad aiming, I'd still rather have a Keyboard and mouse when I'm playing games on my PC. Here's the video. If it looks blurry, it's still processing. The difference with Strife and HL2 is that HL2 does have aim assist (from doing research it's more like Halo's bullet magnetism than snapping your crosshair on the enemy) on when using a gamepad, while Strife (Or GZDoom in your case) doesn't have aim assist. But even with aim assist, I still prefer using a keyboard and mouse like I said.
  8. Oh yeah, the modding scene for 06 is starting to boom which is great. I saw one person trying to port some levels from Ninjabread Man to it for some reason. It's neat that you can do it, but sometimes I wonder if he thinks if he should do it.
  9. I personally think it's a fun way to have a laugh at how at times it can feel like one. Especially with how vocal some of the shall we say... village idiots can be.
  10. Not trying to be rude, but I've seen comments like that in RedHotSonic's videos. Which makes sense as his avatar is a red Sonic, which attracts kids, but it's just kinda strange to see that here.
  11. Oh, I guess I was wrong, NVM then. That was what I had always heard, and they way people presented that made it seem like it was fact, so I took it as fact. I think I was also too lazy to look it up when I first heard it because I was a young idiot.
  12. The PS2 version is also the worst version of the game, as the game wasn't originally going to be on the PS2. But Sony told Sega that if they didn't release Sonic Heroes on it, they wouldn't be allowed to release any other games on it. So they had to use the Renderware engine so that they could easily bring the game to the PS2. And the games weren't well optimized for the PS2, which is why Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are really bad on the PS2.
  13. Someone made a good instrumental using a Midi soundfont
  14. Honestly, while I do love the Unleashed Project for Generations, I still prefer playing the Unleashed day levels in Unleashed
  15. I now decided to try to process an FMV with the texture ripping tools.
  16. honestly, there was a part of me that was thinking you were just going to cover some games that were a part of SAGE (the Sonic Amateur Games Expo), because at the time you were posting about the episode on twitter, SAGE was around the corner.
  17. Alright, I'm back with some upscaled skyboxes. Here you go. Note, this was my first time using AI Gigapixel, so I just kept it on the auto settings for now. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I8OqoulVaZxN_lZtBoGxo3QNewM6jTYn?usp=sharing I'll also post a sample while I'm here, for those who don't wanna click the link. Look at those canyons.
  18. Oh yeah, the modding and ROM hacking side of the sonic community is amazing. I'm kind of tempted to try to rip the Skyboxes from the GC version with dolphin's built in texture ripping tool. I have Waifu 2X installed, so I can try that. I'd try AI Gigapixel, but I don't have the cash for that. LAST EDIT: I forgot that there's a trial. I'm getting that now.
  19. Eggman has had some assistants in the cartoons. Also, the problems you were having with the homing attack ad light speed dash aren't just you. That's a problem with the game. And apparently the PC version is built off a slightly older build of Sonic Heroes, so it's a bit more janky. As a member of the Cult of Sonic. You were fair to the great blue one, and have gained the right to pass. Also Eggman did reach his goal in one game, Sonic Unleashed, he got to build his own theme park from Hell. And it's one of the worst levels in the game.
  20. On the topic of modern music for Max to listen to. I played the whole game and Max is definitely going for a more hipster image (at least that's what I see) and I think she would really like the band Caravan Palace. Their music is electro swing, and I really like it. If I had to pick one of their albums as a starting point, I'd pick their second album, called Panic.Even though I'm 20 years old, I think most of the main stream music is crap, and I tend to mostly listen to game soundtracks on my spare time. But I really do like Caravan Palace.
  21. could you pm me an invite link?
  22. Hi, I'm ChrisTheFox (as you can see by my username). I'm 17 years old, I like ross's videos (obviously), anime, and video games. there's not that much I can say.
  23. ok, why link to your anime list?
  24. I am thinking of making a discord server for accursed farms, if you want to help dm ChrisTheFox#9402 on discord.
  25. hey ross can you review Alone in the Dark (92)? It's on dos
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