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  1. Your dude, Rezalon, uploaded this under an hour after you uploaded the video. This should be your avatar man
  2. Literally the best option is to leave before the mushroom people invasion. You've already smelled the presence of the infernal mold people, summoning the demonic mushrooms. The most basic solution is kinda what you're doing Ross, find a new apartment(+ waiting for that resident permit of yours). It might take a while, depending on if you find the right apartment. If you wanna do things faster(maybe) you could search for places looking for tenants. Not sure if Poland has this, but I know Sweden have a few apartment-searching websites that let people put up an ad they searching for a apartment/house someone atm lives in, stating how much they can pay each month and other details. So you kinda need to present yourself your a nice pair to live with. Kinda like Tinder, but more commitment. If you're moving away to a different country, can't help you there. I'll just say "Move to Sweden. It's a great place" and might end up more expensive to live in. But hey, you decide if you're actually doing the extreme move to another country. You could also see if a Ross Scott fan would let you live in their home. But that would be creepy. But hopefully you'll escape from the mushroom people infestation, because THEY ARE IN THE GOD DAMN WALLS! *shock face*
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