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  1. I tried the demo and it seemed much more tedious to play than Dark Souls. In DS you die fast, but you can also kill fast, while in The Surge I needed to approach every enemy cautiously and each combat took relatively long to play out. I did like the limb-cutting, though. The story/setting is interesting so I will probably give it another try some day.
  2. This is NOT a turn-based game, but it might be too slow for you, Ross. Combat style is similar to Aarklash: Legacy.
  3. Good game. And yeah, it does get pretty hard at the end. I liked the progressing of little stories step by step by unveiling new cards. Unfortunately, the dev studio went defunct on 23rd of July 2019.
  4. I do not think you can avoid combat entirely, but there are very few mandatory combat situations in Fallout. You can always run away from random encounters (or just avoid them with Outdoorsman skill), stealth through dungeon-type areas (like the first rat cave) and most quests give you non-combat solutions (use dynamite on radscorpion cave, etc.). Also, if I recall correctly Fallout has difficulty levels, so setting combat to 'easy' might help you endure encounters you are unable to avoid. However, I am a strong believer in playing games to have fun. If you do not enjoy Fallout 1&2, why force yourself to play it? When I had a similar situation with Fallout 3, I abandoned it and never looked back. EDIT: @BTGBullseye Actually, only a couple of people with Fallout legacy worked on Wasteland 2, and none of them was involved in Fallout 1 (apart from the CEO Brian Fargo). But quite a few Wasteland 2 devs worked on Wasteland 1 (Fallout's predecessor).
  5. This sentence alone tells me you are overanalyzing it. Classic Fallout's combat is not supposed to be a highlight of the game, it is just there, and it is serviceable for what it is supposed to do. Fallout 1 and 2 are not combat-focused. Their strengths lie elsewhere - in reactivity to your character build, multiple approaches to quest solving, exploring, finding cool stuff and meeting interesting people in the pulp sci-fi wasteland. Especially Fallout 1 is all about discovery, checking out how the world does after the apocalypse, with concepts now forever associated with Fallout brand (super mutants, brotherhood of steel, deathclaws, power armour) only getting introduced for the first time at various points in the game. If you are looking for a similar-style game but more focused on combat, in the vein of Fallout Tactics, I recommend Wasteland 2.
  6. Bioshock. I am with Ross on this one. Also, XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within (the modern remake). Every good thing in that game seems to be balanced with something stupid, or just plain wrong. It made me angry like no other in recent memory, mostly because of wasted potential.
  7. Hey, Ross. This is more a suggestion than a question, but I hope you will be able to answer. have you considered going into lockdown mode with the movie, and focusing on it 100%, leaving only the monthly chats to keep interactions with the fans (since that is their whole point)? Explanation (mostly for other forums members, you can skip this): having been a part of a few creative projects, I know how absorbing and time-consuming they can be, especially when quality is involved. Constantly moving between different stuff slows everything down, and the long term project (in this case the movie) ends up suffering the most. I can only speak for myself, but I hope other fans at least partially share my point of view: while I love Game Dungeons (seriously, that is currently my favourite Youtube series), rants and other short stuff, I really, really would like to see that movie, and I would not mind if you put other stuff on hold and moved to making the movie 100%. Otherwise, we might have to wait years - and I do not mean one or two years, more like five, before the movie appears (if every). Monthly chats will still allow us to hear your opinions and reassure us you have not died from bean poisoning. Ok, maybe make that Deus Ex Game Dungeon first. That would be cool to see. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE Heliocentrical: While Fallout's combat system could use many improvements, this part is false: 1. Your number of actions (I assume you mean attack actions) depends on your Action Points (the higher Agility you have, the more AP you get), and the cost of one attack depends on your weapon and attack type (single shot/burst/aimed with automatic weapons, trust/swing with knives, etc.). With some understanding of the system, you can get multiple attacks per turn pretty easily, especially with smaller weapons. 2. Very rarely you fight against so many opponents. Actually I only recall a few such large encounters (and indeed they were a pain - Shady Sands Raiders, Necropolis ghouls, maybe a couple more). Most of the time you are against a single enemy or several enemies. By the way, you can get party memebers in Fallout 1, although you cannot control them. They are more like NPCs who follow you around and fight on your side (just like in Fallout 3/4 and Skyrim). Just wanted to clarify these. If you want to continue this discussion, I suggest we make a thread in another part of the forums, as not to muddy this one.
  8. Great episode. Funny and informative, as Game Dungeons tend to be. It made me take interest in Artur C. Clarke's books - I queued a few of them on my audiobook list. Thanks for that.
  9. This was pretty funny. Here is hoping it was not just a one-off April Fool's joke and we see more of Future Ross in the, well, future.
  10. This was a pretty interesting talk, and definitely one of the better GOG podcasts. You should definitely think of re-visiting it when your campaign against death of games is more developed, and their podcast becomes more popular.
  11. Here is a two-part question I stole from recent Yahtzee's Let's Play/Q&A (he calls it Let's Drown Out). Is there a game with a good story, but the gameplay so bad that you could not recommend it because of how bad it is? And vice-versa, is there a game with good gameplay, but the story so bad that you could not recommend it because of that? Thanks in advance.
  12. BTW, Ross, maybe you can ask GOG guys, why Dex (the cyberpunk game) is not on their platform, or just mention you played it and liked it, so that people can go and vote on GOG forums.
  13. Hey, long-term fan here, first post. I have been watching GOG podcast recently, or rather listening to it at work. Really looking forward to your appearance there. Good luck, and have fun.
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