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  1. Have those been made by Ross himself? I tried to look one up but I can't find it. That's very odd... Try searching for Accursed Farms instead of Accursed Farms East, or even just Accursed. (I do have it listed, and it's set to allow anyone to instantly join) If nothing else, just add BTGbullseye as a friend, and I'll invite you to the outfit when I can. [EDIT] It seems it may require someone already in the Outfit to be online for it to be listed in the search... It would explain a LOT. I will however be online more often between now and the 15th. If nobody in the Outfit is online, just shoot me a friend request, and the next time we're on at the same time I'll invite you. No, these were not created by Ross himself, though I definitely would make him General if he were to join. Alright, what is the outfit called?
  2. I got about 560 hours played (although haven't played in a year) and I strongly suggest you setup an outfit for everybody. I wouldn't make it mandatory but I would very strongly suggest it to everybody. Reason being is you want to coordinate, otherwise people will just get lost and frustrated because they will not really "feel" the connection. Sure you can have the stream open and running at the same time but that's very chaotic, especially since you hear gunfire from the stream that isn't really near you. Reason for the outfit would mainly be coordination. You want to tell all your little minions where to strike next, even just in the most general sense (continent x - strike south or strike base y). Without an outfit everybody will just feel like a random player without a purpose - you'll need to motivate the troops and such to prevent the army from losing cohesion!YES! LETS DO IT!
  3. Yeah sorry man, it USED to support both, though I guess you could argue this is a game that really could use the extra RAM. I'll join in later once I begrudgingly trade my beloved Win7 in for a copy of Win10. I've got the proc, I've just been too damn lazy to buy/install a new OS. Surprisingly, it's only now starting to become a liability. Then again, I ran Win2k for ten years...I'm not a fan of upgrading if I don't absolutely have to. Don't
  5. Make another account, if the account is more than a year old, all the stuff you bought will be gone. I think it's mostly because how PS2 switched hands from another company a while back and a lot of accounts' data got fucked up.
  6. Team speak does have better mic audio. PS2 tends to mess with the sound on mics a lot but we need to find a server that would be able to support huge amounts of people.
  7. Yes of course, I just didn't want brand new players to feel like that was mandatory. Maybe forming an official rookie outfit "for those that want extra training" might be a good idea.Nice, should it called something like accursed conglomerate so it can be found? Because I know their is a ton of small NC outfits and it gets hard to look through the list.
  8. Since a lot of new players will join, can we set up a outfit to help cover all the stuff you didn't cover in the video. Since outfits have a unlimited amount of spots, anyone can join. Platoons can help with teaching new people to conquer new bases and squads can help them understand how each class can work off of each other.
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