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  1. Yikes. Like the saying goes: "If one person tells you you've grown a tail, laugh it off. If EVERYONE tells you you've grown a tail, you'd better look behind you."
  2. Ok, so, every game already has a section which notes whether said game is a GaaSy fart of not (or if Ross doesn't know). Could we get a way to filter by GaaS status? This would be really relevant to people who'd want to play said games ASAP while they haven't been killed yet. I, for one, am glad to have gotten the chance (and angry that I no longer can) partake in Nosgoth, as an example.
  3. Ah yeah, I didn't notice that. Thanks. I guess part of the reason I didn't notice it, though, is because the search bar is in line with the tabs, suggesting it is site-wide functionality only, instead of being unique based on whatever subsection of the site the user is in. Since it's the only search bar, no matter where it is put, it will probably still intuitively be the first thing that users check out if they want to search for something across the whole website, so I'd suggest pulling it down to below the tabs, like this:
  4. Although I understand that this isn't the point of the list, and I don't know how much effort it would take to implement this feature, and the list itself isn't very big (yet); But it would be cool to see a search function where you could type in the name of your game to see whether it made it into Ross's list. I see some people are already discussing how some of their favorite games aren't in the list. I bet it's probably more because they're interested in what the list exposes about Ross's tastes, rather than the games themselves.
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