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  1. I thought this game was awesome; I liked it a bit better than Axiom Verge because of the tight atmosphere created by the sound and art design, and the truly crazy escalation is does on New Game+. There's an excellent comparison video between the two here, which I highly recommend!
  2. This game is really neat. The actual gameplay is pretty simple, and because you're building dynamic systems there are some broken positive feedback loops that you can create and some randomness to your success sometimes, but it's a nicely executed idea that stops a bit short of being mindblowing. Similarly, the art is a step short of gorgeous, and the writing is a step short of funny, but it's clear that real passion went into this game. It's fairly short, but it's a good experience; certainly one of the most unique games I've played.
  3. My favorite term for the new flavor of fear this game introduces you to is "the deep ocean willies."
  4. I played this game! Lovely visuals, with a nice blend of a touch of Sierra humor in a base of actually very, very good puzzles. The mystery is haunting and unsettling, and it's really neat how every clue you'd need to progress is embedded in the environments you travel through; it's fitting for the science theme. The puzzles themselves expand a bit beyond just combining objects with objects/clicking around the environment, and include intelligent exploration, some decoding, and correct decision-making, and there are even some action scenes. You'll get through it in an afternoon. Another game in this vein that I'd recommend is Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock on Steam. A free flash version, a bit shorter and with less polish, is here at ArmorGames. Not as high a production value as J.U.L.I.A., but still very good.
  5. Okay, I totally agree with Ross on this one, and had almost all the same exact criticisms when I played the first episode. Then I watched . Even if you don't have any interest in Life Is Strange at all, I highly recommend this video on a deconstruction of its genre. Some of the best twenty-five minutes I've ever spent watching a youtube video. As far as music goes, you cannot go wrong with the bird and the bee. Like, damn. was their debut, and boy was it an excellent re-introduction to seventies funky synth-pop. And it doesn't stop. Let's keep on with the trippy and its best friend . We branch off into the meditative with , , and . And of course, there's nothing like blasting off to the weekend side by side with or . Not to say that the bird and the bee are the only group that I listen to. Alvvays is respectable, between the yearning of and . In a similar insufferably indie fashion, we stretch into the hazy morning of with the Bad Bad Hats, meeting in an awkward, dramatic between and . Hope you're not noticing the embarrassingly apparent theme between these tracks and artists. Okay, let's take a hard left into Cake's twitching and vindictive . We'll revel in the energy of and before collapsing into the guttedness of and . I've got range! Let's go lackadaisical with Ezra Furman's . Maybe Lady Lamb's ? Does Jonathan Coulton make you ? Do Hall and Oates make you wonder why ? This is a lot. Maybe we're like San Cisco and spending . What do you want from me? I'm not creative enough to fit into a sentence! That should be the majority of my breadth. I hope some people find the odd half an hour to dig through this, they might find something they like within my insufferably indie range.
  6. I like how you're quickfiring the news so that it's not taking up too much of your time. However, I think that it might be a good idea (if it's not too much work) to have maybe the logo or some screencaps of the game overlaid or off to the side when you first mention the game, with the generic Planetside 2 demo footage for when you explain or give more details. This way it's a little less jarring for the viewer as the visual part of the video relates more closely to the subject matter, and it has the added side benefit of lending a bit more structure for the video. Hopefully, implementing these suggestions would still keep the production times low! I really admire what you're doing with the channel, and through the last two videos alone the volume of games being killed is coming across way more clearly and directly.
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