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    Nurses regularly have to move people who weigh upwards of 300 pounds and who are basically incapable of moving themselves. You bet your ass they would be pressured into augmenting in the HR universe.
  2. blabberblah


    Maybe the original release of the game had a bug like the original X-Com did? In the original X-Com, a bug resulted in the easiest difficulty being chosen no matter what option you picked when you made a new game (that's why TFTD is insanely hard, people complained the original was too easy). If the freeware version is easier and no reviews of the game seem to mention the insane difficulty, maybe whatever release Ross got was just bugged and irreversibly set to some insane level of difficulty. There certainly seems to be SOMETHING wrong with the game, I can't imagine that difficulty spike is intentional.
  3. blabberblah

    Settings You Like/Dislike

    Arcanum is definitely great, I don't even like steampunk but Arcanum is just so perfectly lived-in. There's such a rich history to everything and it always feels like NPCs are actual people and not just blank slates that say one line of dialogue (except unfortunately, most of your companions other than Vergil and the Dwarf). Gothic 1 and 2 are pretty great too, not because its super unique, its just a typical fantasy setting, but its atmosphere is just top notch. Again, the whole world feels really genuine, all the NPCs have realistic schedules and jobs and the world/level design is fantastic. My favorite setting though is actually from a JRPG, Trails in the Sky. The setting is insanely detailed, and NPCs have so much optional dialogue. Even though it lacks the npc scheduling/simulation of something like Gothic or TES, everything feels like its constantly in motion because all the npcs have their own names and little stories that have nothing to do with you and they act them out whether you're paying attention to them or not. Probably my favorite part of the two games was a sidequest in the second one where all you had to do was teach a sunday school class to a bunch of kids and it basically ends up being a pop quiz on various bits of trivia about and the history of this fictional setting, it was amazing. I could list great game settings all day though, Dishonored, Thief, Darklands, Wolfenstein TNO, Shadowrun, Alice, FFIX, Sunless Sea, etc. As for settings I dislike, can't really say I'm a big fan of Divinity's, just kind of a goofy generic fantasy world with a comedic bent to it, kind of like Xanth. Not a big fan of Frozen Synapse's setting either, just super generic cyberpunk, great game but boring setting and story. Mostly those are just kind of boring though, the only one I can think of I really hated was Valdis Story's setting, felt like a 12 year old wrote that game and it had really boring level design, fun combat though.
  4. blabberblah

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    I have a few suggestions in the genres that Ross seems interested in, adventure games, action RPGs and puzzle games. As far as adventure games go, I'd highly recommend Dropsy ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/274350/ ) which recently came out, very much in the vein of Lucasarts classics, reminds me a lot of Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle except with some darker subject matter that it handles in a very mature and generally positive manner. There are also two DS games that I'd highly highly recommend though of course they'd have to be emulated, "999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" and "Ghost Trick". Much as I'd like to gush about these two, saying too much could spoil some of the enjoyment, suffice to say I think they're some of the best adventure games made in the past 20 years and they never got the attention they deserved. As for Action RPGs, I'd highly recommend the Ys series both for its gameplay and its music. Its actually the series that created the Action RPG genre but its largely unknown in the West. The series is kind of like Zelda, most entries are standalone and many of them play drastically differently from each other. The series is best known for its excellent music ( ) and boss fights. I'd recommend starting with Oath in Felghana ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/207320/ ), its probably the best in the series. Ross mentioned in some video that he's heard of pretty much every ARPG there is but a series of Japanese PC games that weren't translated into English for years seems like the level of obscurity where he might not have heard of it. And last but not least, Infinifactory ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/300570/ ) is my favorite puzzle game by far. If you've ever played Spacechem, its like that except in 3D without the rigid size restrictions. Huge amount of fun. Most of these games can be acquired fairly cheap if you keep an eye out though 999 and Ghost Trick probably are just going to keep rising in price since they're out of print at this point. The latest game in 999's series is coming out on PC though so if we're lucky it'll get ported as well.

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