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  1. The gameplay itself is fun in a vacuum, but god the awful performance makes it hard to enjoy it.
  2. It's derivative of Journey, which some might be fine with given it shares some staff with that game, but it does make it ring a little hollower if you've played Journey before. That said, it's gorgeous and mellow, it's a good game to recommend to people who are usually more into adventure games and slower paced fare in general. I have to say though, there are moments that fill me with intense pit-of-your-stomach dread that I don't think were intended to do so, particularly the bit with the blue whales and the first time you are out in the open ocean and you can't see the sea floor without diving for a couple minutes.
  3. Excellent game, can't recommend it highly enough. But it's a game very easily ruined with spoilers, so if you have any interest in it, ignore everything anyone has to say about it and just play it as soon as you can to avoid accidentally seeing spoilers.
  4. Found it pretty janky, very first thing I did in the game was hit a wall with the axe and I was greeted with the damage decals z-fighting. Also, a Wolf3D engine game should not have framerate issues. The repetitive tiles made it a pain in the ass to navigate the levels. I didn't really like wolf3D in the first place, and this game has the same problems.
  5. It's a very solid tactical RPG but everything outside of the gameplay is totally flavorless. The characters, the world, the art, it's all totally forgettable. Really solid gameplay and encounter design though.
  6. I've had a fantastic time with this game but I'm not sure I could really recommend it to anyone. The kingdom management is kind of barebones, the characters generally aren't that interesting (though I like Harrim), and it's extremely slow paced (my campaign took about 120 hours). More than anything else, it's just a really solid adaptation of Pathfinder, I'm glad the studio is making more Pathfinder RPGs because they have a great foundation to work with here. Surprisingly well balanced too for the most part, there was only one segment I thought was kind of bullshit, when you face the troll and kobold kings (though I suppose it was just an attempt to teach you that you really need to focus on applying buffs).
  7. Except it absolutely is relevant. You're out of your mind, there's nothing inherently faster or even different about hitting a mouse button vs hitting a keyboard button, the only rational reason to want mouse support in a game is if the MOVEMENT of the mouse could be bound to something useful in the gameplay. Is it that much of a struggle for you to spend ten minutes adjusting to a different control scheme than what you're used to? The idea that "it has tangential influence from souls games, therefore this 2D platformer should control exactly like a 3D over the shoulder action game" is idiotic.
  8. Fantastic game, can't recommend it enough. It does require you to be interested enough to experiment with wands though if you really want to have fun.
  9. It's pretty good, they gave it away for free on steam once. It's got a great aesthetic and the whole Ikaruga style gimmick is pretty clever. Fun time overall, worth a play, but it probably won't blow you away.
  10. I had a good time with the game though I never finished it. Worth playing if you want a good action platformer with some exploration elements. More focus on being a challenging action platformer than the exploration though.
  11. It's subpar knockoff Zelda. Not worth playing.
  12. Level design is pretty decent but the gameplay and entire structure of the game are rotten to the core. To be fair though, they've patched it a bunch and I haven't played it since launch day. I donated to the kickstarter since I'm a big fan of Ultima Underworld. This doesn't even come close to living up to it. Play an Arkane game instead.
  13. Was really looking forward to this one since I'm a big fan of Insomniac but it ended up being really tedious.
  14. How would one even use a mouse in a game like this? There's no manual aiming for any of your abilities. The only thing the mouse would be useful for is menus, and it's not as if the menus are all that cumbersome.
  15. Found it very derivative and it had a lousy ending you can see coming a mile away.
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