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  1. Glad I don't get motion sick, you would think they would account for something like that. Don't they want to sell their product to as many people as possible?
  2. Aging twice as fast isn't too bad if you only had to do it for a few hours. You could steal a bunch a money and supplies and never leave your house. You would only have to stop time again to resupply. If a skeleton dressed as a soldier wanted to be your waifu?
  3. 1. Primary weapon - A chainsaw, liberally decorated with the bones of my enemies/victims 2. Secondary weapon - The Tsuranuki Zutsu from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: http://koutetsujou-no-kabaneri.wikia.com/wiki/Tsuranuki_Zutsu 3. Stronghold - A shanty town built around stone henge where me and my gang of werewolf bikers would live 4. Vehicle - Royal Enfield motor bike 5. Outfit - Samurai armour, and one those spiked ww1 German helmets, plus a trophy rack filled with more bones 6. Companion - Apart from my werewolf biker buddies, I'd just invite all my favourite famous figures to join my group to protect them for future generations 7. Battle Music - Absolutely anything by Gancher & Ruin 8. 3 Additional Supplies - Plenty of tinned food that would get pretty disgusting after a short while Ham radio equipment so I could contact the outside world Turntable (slightly unnecessary)
  4. My question: The new PT/Silent Hills project was cancelled due to Konami's idiocy, and that Alison Road game was announced by the devs as dead in the water, is this spate of redacted 1st person horror games just a tragic coincidence or are they victims of an elaborate conspiracy? Also have you seen the new Resident Evil 7 demo which is jumping on the spooky 1st person band wagon?
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