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  1. Ross, I believe a lot of your issues with VR Sickness stem from the nature of the headset you're using and the movement system generally used for the DK2 and DK1. I've had the DK1, DK2, and currently own a Vive. I'm not nauseated easily but the only time its happened was with the DK1. It has three things going against it, 1. It can't track your actual head relative to any position, its simply a swiveling ball on a point in space, not very real to your head movement. The DK2 and newer don't have that issue. 2. The panel on the DK1 straight up blows. The refresh rate is at most 60hz and this is not good enough to keep up with what humans perceive as normal motion, even sitting pretty still. The DK2 is 75hz which is a little better and alleviates many more issues for a lot of people. CV1 and Vive are 90hz, further still improving everyone experiences. Many still get sick but that's more on the last issue. 3. Movement system is as big a part of VR experience as the 3D tracking is. For many people if the overall body movement and acceleration aren't anywhere close to what your senses tell you, nausea sets in quickly. That demo footage you showed of the DK1 were perfect examples. If you're being flung back and forth on a park ride but nothing else is syncing up you'll quickly get sick. This happens for many people even if your simply moving in a slow FPS with controller or keyboard. There simply isn't enough input on your body for it to feel right. The Vive entertains a Room Scale experience from day one and mitigates number 3 by using a teleport system. You would think suddenly blinking into another part of the game world would be just as jarring as other systems but its surprisingly easy to handle. However this sort of system doesn't work for anything like a normal FPS as teleporting around breaks the typical flow. An omnidirectional treadmill would work to fix that, but pricey though. :/ Games like Windlands are good examples of requiring the iron stomach, featuring running, jumping, grappling around, parkour, and overall very fast movement speed. Even I will lean around in weird ways as my sense of balance is challenged with the overall movement. Playing seated helps but would still make many people hurl quickly. Last I knew most Oculus movement systems are also teleport based, or the game is intended to be played seated/standing, no moving around the room. (Room scale will be supported but it has limited use without tracked controllers.) Another movement system that both platforms have examples of is a world grappling mechanic where you pull yourself along the world by grabbing handles and ledges of it. It really is just moving the game world around your head, kinda like the Professors explanation of the ships movement in Futurama. There are many other movement systems that are being worked on by different developers right now and not every system works best a particular game. For instance horror games probably can't make use of the teleport mechanic, least not that I've seen yet. The game movement is most likely what stopped Nvidia from continuing on the path of direct 3D stereo scoping conversion to the HMDs. It made people hurl. However, there is hope yet for converting games. Some games have been modded to hell and back to make use of new movement systems alongside proper 3D. There is a GTAV mod that adds teleport and independent hand movement for the Vive's tracked controllers. It breaks normal gameplay since you can move around in unintended ways but I've heard positive things about it as I don't own GTAV. Other then mods there is your idea, the 3D Theater. Some companies do indeed make software for that to sit you down next to a huge ass 3D TV essentially. Valve includes it with Steam VR and launches almost any title into it, but will only display 3D if it uses a specific standard. Otherwise its just a 2D image on a huge TV. BTW, I don't know where you're currently located but you can probably get a demo for the Oculus or Vive from either a local retail chain, Best Buy, Microsoft store, etc. Or there should still be community members open to let you try them at hosted events in public venues. FYI If you're close enough I'm in the greater Baton Rouge area of Louisiana.
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