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  1. 3DGamerFTW

    Count to 1,000,000

    2700 - Add a K, and get one of the most pointless i7's Intel ever released
  2. Anybody know of a program that can makes making QC files easier? It's kind of tedious and I really don't want to write 100 of them for the map brushes I turned into .smd files.
  3. 3DGamerFTW

    My Kind of Retro Rig (2004)

    Now its not the oldest thing in the world, but it was made in 2004, so it's old enough. This is the computer I play older games on. It's a Dell Percision 650. It has 2 F24/29 CPUs at 2.4 GHz. Now I say both F27 and F29 because the F29 CPU's are in it right now, but they only run at 2.4 GHz, which is what F27 CPU's run at, they should run at 2.8 GHz. They're single core hyper threaded CPUs. It currently has a Quatro FX 1000 GPU and 3 GB's of DDR1 memory. I also have 2 GB's of EEC memory. It has 3x 36 GB 10k rpm drives in it and gigabit Ethernet so I can store larger games on a NAS without issue.. I have 2 OS drives I swap out. One runs windows XP, the other runs windows 98. It's kind of baller for it's time. I'm also going to order a 6800 ultra some time, probably one from a G5 Mac. A short video of me playing HL2 on the thing: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxjSeToXQ5xZczd2SWVBTjN2TWM This is also my introduction of sorts. I make source maps!

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